Building Yanhuitlan 

Santo Domingo Yanhuitlan

Read more about my dissertation on the ancient town of Santo Domingo Yanhuitlan, its Catholic traditions, such as Holy Week and Mayordomía, and revealing historical documents. >> 

Mexican Churches
Missionary activities in the sixteenth century extended all over Mexico. Here are some photos of colonial churches from different regions of the country. >>

Retablo Mayor
An analysis of the patronge and iconography of Yanhuitlan's main altar, executed by the Sevillian artist, Andrés de Concha in the 16th century.
Read it here. 

Theatre of Memory
Documents and photographs of the artworks of the church of Yanhuitlan.>> 

Barrio Angels 
reconstruction of the socio-political organization of Yanhuitlan through the analysis of the historical development and current state of its religious ceremonies.>>

Architecture and Urbanism
An analysis of the morphological transformation of the village during the 16th century.>>

I  worked, traveled, and researched in Colombia for three years. Here are some results.

Chanting and Painting in Mesoamerica

As part of my post-doctoral research, I have been conducting fieldwork in Huautla de Jiménez,  investigating Mazatec curing rituals and related ceremonial language in order to gain insights into pictorial language. >>

Ancient Manuscripts
Ancient Mesoamerica had a long tradition of pictographic painting of both religious and historical contents. Read more here.

Mazatec Chanting
A fieldwork study of Mazatec ceremonial language. >>