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Currently, I am post-doc at the EHESS-CAMS in Paris, in the research team under the direction of Henri Berestycki. I am a junior member of the ERC Advanced Grant 2013 n. 321186 ''ReaDi - Reaction-Diffusion Equations, Propagation and Modelling" and ERC Advanced Grant 2013 n. 339958 "Complex Patterns for Strongly Interacting Dynamical Systems - COMPAT".

Alessandro Zilio

Centre d'analyse et de mathématique sociales - UMR 8557 (CNRS / EHESS)
Ecoles des hautes études en sciences sociales
54, boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris
Office: CAMS - 4th floor

Email: alex.zilio86[at]gmail[dot]com, azilio[at]ehess[dot]fr

My research is mainly concerned with:
  • the regularity of solutions to elliptic and parabolic equations and systems;
  • singular limits and separation of phases in models from quantum physics and population dynamics;
  • existence and classification results for systems of elliptic equations, in particular for the Gross-Pitaevskii system modelling Bose-Einstein condensates and the Lotka-Volterra system;
  • regularity of free-boundary problems in connection with the aforementioned systems.
I am also interested in numerical methods for the simulations of elliptic partial differential equations and systems.

You can find more information here:
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