Alessandro Panzetta

System Administrator - Technical Support Specialist 


"I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems." (Pulp Fiction - 1994)

In modern companies most of the business is done with the aid of computing, laptops, desktops, PDAs, smarthones, servers, etc. Most of the time the activity during the 8 hours at work are performed with the intervenion of a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard.

What stays behind your daily duties is what we (System Administrators, HelpDesk Operators, programmers) care of: having your daily duties done with the less issues possible. Wi simply work for you to work and pay our stipend ;)

I've been working in IT departments since 1997 and gained most of my experience and skills in worlwide firms as ExxonMobil, IBM, Cerruti 1881, Lam Research.

I actually work as an "IT fac-totum" meaning that I don't have an exact job function but a mix of:

  • Software Developer
  • System Administrator
  • HelpDesk Coordinator
  • Solution Designer

I'm also a blogger/contributor on IT Knowledge Exchange where I have my IT Blog named "If it has a plug, it’s IT stuff".

I also contributed someway to open-source by providing some example tools and scripts on Planet Source Code.