Contact Information:

Alessandro Ottazzi (UNSW page)

Senior Research Fellow at Faculty of Science, School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW

Kensington campus, 2052 NSW Sydney.

Office: (+61) 9385 7090

e-mail: a.ottazzi@unsw.edu.au, alessandro.ottazzi@gmail.com

Research interests:

Geometric analysis and differential geometry on subRiemannian spaces. Contact, multicontact, quasiconformal mappings on nilpotent Lie groups. Harmonic analysis on Lie groups. Control theory.

Minicourse on Tanaka prolongation and conformal maps (here other notes of the lectures)

Slides of the talk "Isometries on Carnot groups and homogeneous manifolds".

Recent work:

Sard Property for the endpoint map on some Carnot groups Le Donne E., Montgomery R., Ottazzi A., Pansu P., Vittone D.

Singular multicontact structures Ottazzi A., Schmalz G.

Global contact and quasiconformal mappings of Carnot groups Cowling M., Ottazzi A.

Spectral multipliers for sub-Laplacians on solvable extensions of stratified groups Martini A., Ottazzi A., Vallarino M.