Mark has been brewing beer and wine as a hobby since 1965.  He first came to Scilly on holiday with his parents in 1960. They fell in love with Scilly and bought a guest house moving to St. Mary's in 1968. They left Mark behind at college in Sussex. He visited Scilly for a short break in 1971 and stayed.
Initially working for an island decorating firm, he was soon offered a job working on the "Surprise". The idyllic life of a scillonian boatman continued for several years. Although he went to Exeter University in 1974 to study biology and train as a teacher he continued to work the summer season in Scilly on the boats until 1976 when he met and married Mollie. Mark began teaching full time in Devon in 1977 and continued until being offered the post of deputy head of the primary school on St. Mary's in 1988. During the time in Devon their three children were born. Mark retired from teaching in 2001 and began brewing full time.


My favourite Scilly Places