The brewery has always produced a few bottle conditioned beers for local consumption. These are very popular but in the past it had always been a bit of a struggle to keep up with demand. In 2011, with the help of a grant from the Isles of Scilly Local Action Group a new bottling machine and filter were bought. This now enables the brewery to supply bottles to visitors and many of the hotels and restaurants on the islands. Bottles are also now available for online purchase.


The bottling machine is small, handling just 2 bottles at a time but is an amazing piece of technology. It looks rather like a well known cartoon character from "Futurama" and has been named "Bender" by all of the younger visitors and quite a few older ones too!
The machine, manufactured by Moravek in the Czech Republic is the smallest semi-automatic counterfilling and carbonating machine available and is considered to be the best of its type in the world.
The plate filter is manufactured in Italy and is so efficient, it is able to remove not only the yeast, but also bacteria from the product.

The process is still very "hands on", filling 2 sterilised bottles at a time which are then capped and rinsed. Once the bottles are dry and have warmed to ambient temperature they are labelled and are then ready for sale. During the summer season we are too busy with cask beer to do any bottling so it is a winter job. We are able to bottle up to 1200 a day although preparing the beer for bottling takes several weeks, so in reality we bottle about once a month.