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Folding Tv Tables

folding tv tables
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Mutt and Jeff
Mutt and Jeff
This is a better example of just how big the new 55" TV is. For scale, the faithful old 20" Sanyo tube TV that I've been using for 13.5 years is on the left. I think the new one has something like 5 times the screen area. And the HD over broadcast looks really nice (even if S2 TiVo can't record at that quality) and the XBox 360 over HDMI looks phenomenal, and can upconvert my conventional DVDs, too. Guess it's finally time for the old overheating-prone Pioneer player to retire with the old TV to lighter duty elsewhere in the house. I included this in the crafting set to be part of the new entertainment center story, but the only actual crafting product in this photo are the two stripey-painted IKEA folding TV tables I did several years ago. The big TV is sitting on the bottom half of the old entertainment center, which will be going away shortly.
wednesday night
wednesday night
i bought a new little folding table (tv tray!) the other night. also, the dog's face should be rounder, but i was already far into this so i'll just finish it then try another.

folding tv tables
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