Gun Repair Manuals

gun repair manuals
    repair manuals
  • (Repair manual) A book which details the procedure for repairing one or more components of a vehicle. Compare Service manual.
  • A device for discharging something (e.g., insecticide, grease, or electrons) in a required direction
  • shoot with a gun
  • a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocity (especially from a metal tube or barrel)
  • A weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise
  • artillery: large but transportable armament
  • A gunman

End of Time - Intro
End of Time - Intro
So, uh... Hello. You're reading my diary right now, this means I'm dead or captured by Combine. My name is Corporal Maxwell, from United Nations Army. At the year 2017, first portal storm started. None of us know what happened, why it started. We didn't knew anything about it. June 22, 2018. Somewhere in Badgad, Iraq. It was just a routine day at Iraq, doing what we had to do. We were going at a desert, but our Humwee had failed, again. - I told you it was going to fail, Jim! - How could you know that? - Because It always does! - Anyways, Ken, have you repaired it yet? - Nope, not yet. This is nasty down there! Maybe I should had told this to Sarge... - Jim, do you heard that? - Uh... no. What was- - SHIT, ANOTHER PORTAL STORM! Portal storm had started, and hit near us. - FUCK, is everyone okay? - We're okay! You? - Yeah, me too. So, did something happened to Humwee? - Guys, look out! Headcrabs right there! - Shoot those fuckers! We shot 'em all. - Dude, I can't drive this thing anymore. Its engine can blow at any moment! - Then, get whatever you got in the car! We had carried all these stuff out of the car. It didn't took so long. - Uh... Hey Ken! - Yeah? - What is that box? - Oh, I forgot to show you your new toy! -...A new toy? - Yup! Check this out! He had show me a rifle, it looked really weird for me. But It was some kind of AR15, I knew that. - Mmm, nice. What is the name of this babe? - Magpul's Advanced Battle Rifle System, uses 7.62x39 rounds. - You always read the customer manuals, don't you? - Yes, I surely do. Then I heard a sound from our radio. - Butcher Team, come in! - This is Butcher 1-1. - Butcher 1-1, we have a new mission. There is a helicopter downed at the desert somewhere. The Intel says there is a VIP in there, we have got to save 'em! - Got it, but our Humwee's- Then, the Humwee's engine blew away. - Don't worry, we are coming there from a helicopter. - Got it. Butcher 1-1 out. Now we'll have to wait there for some minutes. ---------- In the next episode of the End of Time, the three will go to a place in desert, with a Chinook. They will protect Matt, and will try to awaken Wulf. --------- Hooray, finally started the story! I have made a logo for it. It isn't so good, but It does what it has to do for me. It could've been better I think, but whatever. Other characters will soon unite. But not that fast. They'll meet themselves in fourth episode. You can also make suggestions about story itself! P.S. ''Jim Maxwell'' is my character. You probably know who Ken is. ''Wulf'' is sillybean, the guy that talks to Jim is ''Chaos''. And ''Chaos'' is ChaosMarine.
Mar. 26, 1936: "The 'Seagull' aircraft met with an unusual accident on the 26th ..." M.A. Payne 'HMAS AUSTRALIA 1928-1955' - Photo RAN.
Mar. 26, 1936: "The 'Seagull' aircraft met with an unusual accident on the 26th ..." M.A. Payne 'HMAS AUSTRALIA 1928-1955' - Photo RAN.
4700. As previously explained HMAS AUSTRALIA [II] took delivery of the first Supermarine Seagull V to go into service, A2-1, on Sept 9, 1935, and was still waiting on the arrival of its operating instructions and aircraft manual in late March of the following year. Ergo, the photograph above - A2-1, severely damaged in a hoisting mishap, in Malta on March 26, 1936. However, M.A. Payne's Naval Historical Socierty History of HMAS AUSTRALIA 1928-1944 has a slightly different explanation. "....The 'Seagull' aircraft met with an unusual accident on the 26th while the ship was in Harbour,' Alan Payne writes. "It so happened that the first lieutenant, Lieutenant-Commander V.E. Kennedy was also the observer. Because he was in a hurry to get back on board after a flight he got a boat to take him from the aircraft to the ship, "leaving the Telegraphist Air Gunner to hook on, which I normally did [Kennedy said] standing on top of the aircraft centre section to do so. The T.A.G. hooked on and then climbed down into the interior of the aircraft. Had he [or I] stood in the normal position we must have been severely injured when the crane jib was at maximum elevation because the new slip parted, dropping the 'Seagull' bodily on top of a 4-inch A.A. gun. Luckily noone was severely hurt, but the 'Seagull' was a mess." So we see. Meantime, Contributor Kim Dunstan has traced the fate of A2-1 for us. She was repaired at Supermarine, and eventually went to HMAS HOBART [i] - ex HMS APOLLO - in 1938, then HMAS CANBERRA [I] in 1939, and so on. The last of the RAN's Shipboard Walruses was landed by HMAS AUSTRALIA at Manus Island in late 1944. By the way, we think there could be two accidents in the photo above: we're continually astounded at the precarious platforms sailors appear to stand around upon on warships - look at the officer in his slippery black shoes on the far left, insouciantly balanced on a rail, as he takes a snap, we think, of the grand moment. Otherwise he's talking on an early mobile phone. Photo: RAN, it appeared in Ross Gillett's book 'Wings Across the Sea' [Aerospace Publications, Canberra, 1988] p35.

gun repair manuals
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