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Properties Menu


This addon is an attempt to change small blender behaviours in order to make the workflow a bit more easy.

1.- Creates a contextual menu that allows you to quick select tabs at properties menu by pressing F5.

You can change this key at File->User Preferences->Input->Window section.

Properties Menu

Motivation: You dont have to look for the row of icons at properties menu. This menu can be invoked anywhere you are and remembers your last choice so it could be easier to change between materials and textures for example.

2.- Shade Flat/ Smooth added to Object Specials menu (W key). This functionality has moved to the addon Tune Up.

Motivation: The 3d view tool bar bothers me a lot. Almost all the tools there has predefined keys (so you dont have to access the toolbar each time u need them) but Shade Flat/Smooth.


1.- Download space_view3d_menu_properties.py
2.- Copy the file to your addons folders. (X:\Blender\2.60\scripts\addons).
3.- Enable the addon at File->User Preferences->Addons->3D View
Alfonso Serra,
Oct 17, 2015, 11:12 AM