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Matlib VX 5.5

Matlib VX is a Blender addon that will create a material library. You can save, load and categorize  materials that can be shared acrosss all your projects.

This version uses a blend file as database so all external render engines, all node materials and textures are supported. It also makes use of blender compression.


Search materials:

You can search materials by name.
The label on the right is the current selected material category.

Library Buttons:

 Add / Overwrite a material to the library.
 Removes a material from library.
 Reloads the library.
 Apply the selected material from library to the active material.
 Preview the material. It creates a link to your file so you are not creating new materials or textures
 Clean / flushes all the unusued materials, textures, and images.

Filter Buttons:

 Apply the current filter
 Apply the current selected category to the current material at library
 Add a new category.
 Remove the current selected category from the list.

Demo Video:


- Compatible with Blender 2.66
- Overwrite materials is fixed.

v 5.4:
-Fixed windows paths. It will work if your path to addons has spaces.
-Fixed alert messages.

v 5.3:
-The script has his own folder,  this improves portability.
-Easier to install. Linux and mac users doesnt have to modify the script to get it working.
-Minor changes on the preview visualization. Those are:

When you preview a material the selected object loses its focus for a dummy object, but the selected object is saved, so if you apply the material the selected object will gain the focus again  and the material will be applied.

Thanks to BrikBot for his help and ideas.


Before installing the script we should make sure theres no other previous versions of the script installed prior v5.3.

Go to your addons folder and delete the files matlib.py, matlib258.py or matlibvx.py if theres any.
  1. Download matlib54.zip.
  2. Extract the folder matlib to your addons folder.
    example: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\blender\2.58\scripts\addons\
  3. Install matlib55update.zip the same way. Overwrite __init__.py.
  4. Open Blender.
  5. Goto User Preferences -> Addons -> System -> Material Library.
  6. Enable the addon by clicking the little check box on the right.

For Windows users (Vista and earlier) please read this article to setup Directory Access in order to avoid a "Permission Denied" error when saving materials.

Merging Current Database with one of your own.

If you dont want the materials database that im providing, just overwrite the file materials.blend and categories.xml, located at blender\2.58\scripts\addons\matlib, with one of your own.

If you want to merge your current materials.blend with default one:
  1. Open your materials.blend
  2. Go to File->Append->select the default materials.blend and add all the materials or just those you want.
  3. You will have to set use fake users for each imported material or run this code:

    import bpy
     for mat in bpy.data.materials:


  4. Save your materials.blend.
  5. Overwrite the default materials.blend with your materials.blend.
If you want to preserve the categories you have created, You can edit categories.xml and merge your categories with the default ones or just overwrite categories.xml.

Sharing Materials on a local network:

This feature is not tested yet, but it doesnt mean that is not possible.
In order to share a materials database you can tweak the script by changing the first two variables on the script. Those are:

matlibpath - absolute path to the library (materials.blend)
catspath - absolute path to categories.xml

Yes, categories are saved outside the database into a xml file.  Always that categories.xml has the following xml structure you can edit them as you like without any risk.

The valid categories.xml structure specification is:
    <category name="Metals">
        <material name="Gold">
         <material name="Copper">

Blender Artist Thread:

You can follow, discuss or report a problem about this script here:


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