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Working papers

  1. Migration, trade and spillover effects. (with Luiz Renato Lima and Gianluca Orefice), R&R at Journal of Comparative Economics.
  2. The spillover effects of the economic integration agreements. (with Luiz Renato Lima).
  3. Exporting Firms and Gender Gap: Evidences from Brazilian Employer-Employee Data (with Luiz Renato Lima).
  4. Heteroskedasticity robust intensive and extensive margin decomposition.  (with Luiz Renato Lima and Georg Schaur).
  5. Heterogeneous impacts of economic integration agreements: beyond the average treatment effects (with Luiz Renato Lima).
  6. The sorted effects of trade flows on takeoffs (with Rishav Bista and Brandon Sheridan).
  7. The distribution of exposure to pollution: using quantile regression to uncover "missing" emissions. (with James Scott Holladay and Luiz Renato Lima).