The House Of The Magic Moose

A Place Of Glory And Honor To God

First and foremost, God Rocks and Rules!!! Salvation through Jesus Christ is paramount, especially in this day and age. The proof of this is blatant and obvious just about everywhere one chooses to look. Living in Santa Cruz, CA, I see about me everyday our dire need for the very love, joy, and peace that is graciously given to us by God through Jesus Christ. We of this planet need to concentrate more on Him who is all things and a whole lot less on we who are not many things at all. We need to lay down our remotes, our gadgets, our prides and our lusts, and pick up a Bible. We seem to not have a problem with running out and buying trinkets, studying the owners manuals, and sitting back relishing the thought that somehow our life will now be more simple and complete; yet we will not take the time to read the owners manual for our own life.

Try'll like it.