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A financial resources directory

The following directory contains links to personal pages and other pages that have been very useful in learning about trading the stock and FOREX market.

The common theme of these sites is that each one contributes to the goal of developing, testing, or implementing a computer mechanical trading system. I would recommend starting with the education, read about the task at hand, learn how to develop, test, and implement trading systems.  Once you learn about different strategies and decide what to trade, find a market you would like to concentrate, stock, options, or FOREX, and download historical data to backtest your system. Then decide on a system testing and programming environment. Metatrader, Tradestation and MetaStock are all big players in the system testing world. If you feel adventurous, you can write your own backtester. The programming environment you choose will depend on your broker. If your broker only accepts connections from Metatrader, then this is your default choice to develop your system. Some brokers such as Oanda and Interactive Brokers allow you to write your system in a variety of languages, as long as you can connect to them, or to their trade station.

Learning how to trade successfully is a long road, but the rewards can be huge. Educate yourself, learn the tools, the techniques and trade for yourself instead of hiring a guru. Never hire a guru, they do not have any crystal balls, no one does. All the tools are out there. Develop a system that uses good entries, GOOD EXITS, and GOOD MONEY MANAGEMENT. Once you have tested your system thoroughtly and are happy with it, execute it in a disciplined manner. There are no shortcuts to trading.

Trading Resources: Offers recorded audio and video from INO.COM sponsored conferences. Presentations by Charles Le Beau and Nelson Freeburg are highly recommended. This site has a huge selection of presentations on mechanical trading systems. Some good titles are hidden in the Money Management section.  Chicago Board of Options Exchange, source for options quote data. This is useful for pricing options strategies such as spreads, calendar spreads, or condors. Yahoo Finance: Source for stock and indices quote data. Historical data can be saved as Comma Separated Value files. Offers free stock market realtime quotes. Oanda Currency Trading Demo. Offers free demo trading platform. Does not expire. Get your feet wet in FOREX trading. Thinkorswim educational classes, many of them are free and are taught by options experts and traders. If you can find one near your town, it is highly recommended that you attend.

Free Quote Data Metatrader 4 Trading Terminal, contains technical indicators source code, source of minute/hourly/daily/weekly FOREX data on major currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP. Offers high quality tick data in comma separated format (CSV) dating back to 2000 for all major FOREX currency pairs. HTTrack Website Copier. A useful tool for downloading quote data.

Trading Forums and Information Oanda forums. Woodie's CCI forums. ForexForum.NET Software section. Offers mechanical trading systems implemented in Tradestation Easy Language (ELA) Offers forex mechanical trading systems, indicator source code and tools for Metatrader.

Programming Resources: Offers Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, a .NET developing tool. A free download. Offers SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. A free download.

Reputable Brokers:

A criteria for brokers to appear in this section involves having a positive history, not being a bucket shop, having low spreads, and offering an API for mechanical trading systems. A FOREX broker offering low spreads, free trading and an API. Your trading program connects directly to their servers and receives tick data and places orders. Another forex/futures/stock broker that offers an API. Your trading program would have to connect to their trading station on the local computer. The trading station would then relay those orders to their servers. A stock and options broker that offers level 5 accounts (the ability to write naked options) to every customer. They also have an educational branch, Red Option. Their trading station is the most technologically advanced of the entire industry.

Financial Research Websites: Forex Lab dot NET, a forums website devoted to mechanical trading system testing in C#

FOREX FOREX website.

FOREX Lab FOREX Lab site.

Personal Websites: Offers .NET lectures, EBay fee calculation spreadsheet. Pictures of Cuban home-made motorcycles.