About Mr. Lee

Welcome...so you want to know more about your Math teacher, eh?   You can always do a search on the web under "Burnaby South Amos Lee" to find out about me...but if you can't do that...then read on below.

Contact Information:  E-mail is best, phone is not so good!
Amos Lee
Math Teacher/ Advanced Learning Department Head
Phone # 604-296-6880
E-mail: Amos.Lee@sd41.bc.ca

2009: Masters in Education - Special Education, Concentration in High Ability; UBC
2003: Bachelor in Education - Secondary Teacher Program; UBC
2001: Bachelor of Science - Major in Math; Minor in Commerce; UBC

(Yes, I have spent many years and many $$$ at the University of British Columbia)

Teaching Experience:
2011, 2012: University of British Columbia; Sessional Lecturer for Faculty of Education
2004 to present: Burnaby South Secondary School; Math Teacher
2009 Summer: Vancouver School Board; Math Teacher
2007/2008 Summer: Vancouver Learning Network; Online Math Teacher
2003 to 2004: Burnaby South Secondary School; Business Ed Teacher
2001: University of British Columbia; Math Department Teacher Assistant
1995 to 2001: Teacher Assistant at Vancouver Formosa Academy Math Program

In addition to teaching at Burnaby South Secondary, I am also the Advanced Learning Department Headat the school.  I have also previously been a School Associate, assisting pre-service teachers (student teachers) with their school practicum experience.  I have also been a consultant for math publishers creating textbooks for the new BC curriculum and have also reviewed math textbooks for various publishers in the past.

If you are curious about that graphic of me in the 6 various forms, that was given to me by a former student.  It was her gift to me and it was what she thought I'd be like if I weren't a teacher.

Top Left Box: A Teacher.  Yes...that is what I look like -  as a teacher!
Top Middle Box: A Chef.  I like to eat and cook, so perhaps my next career after I'm done teaching will be "the Next Food Network Star"
Top Right Box: A Bus Driver.  People who know me from high school will attest to my vast knowledge of Greater Vancouver's Transit system (ask Mr. Lui).  If you need bus info, don't go to the Translink website, come to Mr. Lee.
Bottom Left Box: A Rabbit.  I think my former student thought I'd look cute in a bunny suit.  I did mention to her once that I like eating carrots too!
Bottom Middle Box: A Pineapple.  I'm allergic to apples, so don't give those to me, but I do enjoy eating sweet Hawaiian pineapples!  There's so yummy!  Can you say Christmas present?
Bottom Right Box: A VOLCANO!  This is how I react when I get mad at my students!  I may seem like a nice guy, but I erupt when students do not behave!  Be on my good side and the volcano stays asleep!