current research

Animal personality is ubiquitous among animal taxa. Current research within animal personality requires the use of different study systems with different characteristics. I currently research two species: chacma baboons Papio ursinus and meerkats Suricata suricatta. I have previously also studied the Namibian rock agama Agama planiceps.

Meerkats are highly social, cooperative mongooses that live in groups of 2-40 individuals. A dominant pair attempts to monopolise breeding in the groups, and many individuals in the groups contribute to raising the young. Also, they're very cute.

Chacma baboons

Chacma baboons are highly social, savannah living primates that live in cohesive multi-male, multi-female groups. I am particularly interested in studying these guys' social behaviour and social decision-making processes, and how animal personality may impact on that.  
So far, due to an unfortunate series of assumptions about animal personality methodology, I've tested some ideas about how to measure it. To do that I've done a bunch of experiments involving novel foods and a taxidermied snake in a paper here.

Namibian rock agama

Namibian rock agamas are large, brightly coloured, saxicolous, diurnal lizards. I have described a behavioural syndrome in these guys, and tested some ideas about animal personality and plasticity.