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XJ 3.0

This was my first Jaguar, a 2003 XJ 3.0 V6. It was part of the X350 model series which began production at the end of 2002, the first aluminium car produced by Jaguar, resulting in improved fuel economy and acceleration. I decided on the XJ after considering the competitors of the same era, Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. After reading on various forums, the XJ seemed to strike the balance of luxury and lower running costs than its' competitors. The Jaguar is one step away from others in its' class with technology, sadly lacking in: Soft Close Doors, Keyless Entry, Massage Seats, ect. However, I feel that the cars sleek classic looks and elegant interior make up for the shortfalls.

I purchased a late 2003 with the 3.0 V6 due to insurance purposes as I was 19 at the time. The car was a base model, but with the essential extras ticked, such as satellite navigation, heated seats, all round PDC and electric folding mirrors.

A few 'as bought' photos:

I soon caught the modifying bug and set about upgrading different areas of the car, most noticeably was swapping the tiny 17 wheels for a set of 19 'Customs'. I removed the side strips (deleted on 2005.5 onwards cars), chrome wrapped repeaters and my personal license plate:

I changed the interior telematics loom for one off a high spec car, this enabled me to retro-fit the rear audio controls:

I added a reverse camera, which tapped into the navigation screen:

Interior refreshed with replacement wood veneers and new steering wheel

I loved this car, but really wanted the performance of a Supercharged V8, not that the V6 was lacking. It made sense to progress to the range topping Super V8.
Day of sale: