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which will follow their journey to 4 Paws and beyond:  apuzzlenamedalec.blogspot.com

We need your help - please join our effort to open up Alec's world with an autism service dog.

Alec's Story

Alex and his mom, Christina
Alec is an 8-year old boy who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at close to 3 years of age.  Since that time, we (his family) have tried many different approaches and therapies to give Alec the best quality of life.  While he has made great strides in the structured school setting, his biggest challenges remain at home and in the community.  Alec is a runner and does not fear danger or injury.  Often, our family cannot go out together and participate in activities that other families may take for granted.  Alec also experiences: lack of focus, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, anxiety, strong need for routine, and sleep disturbances.

How Can a Service Dog Help Alec?
A service dog would be trained to track Alec by scent if he should wander, run and/or go missing.  There have also been great success stories of autism service dogs having a calming effect on these children, as well as performing behavior interruption when a child is stuck on an obsessive-compulsive or negative behavior.
What Can You Do?
We are
raising $13,000 in support of "4 Paws For Ability, Inc." - a service dog group in Ohio who has the most experience training service dogs for children on the autism spectrum.  Once the fundraising goal is reached, 4 Paws for Ability, Inc. will begin to train a dog for Alec.  It costs the group $22,000 to train each dog.  For more information about how to donate, please click -->  Donate Here.

Our goal is to finish raising funds by April 30, 2013; April is Autism Awareness Month.

Joshua Smith of Hollow Cord Jewelry has generously offered to make these fabulous rainbow paracord bracelets
for only $8.00, and donating 50% ($4.00) from each sale toward Alec's service dog! 

These bracelets can be purchased with these steps:
  • Send an $8.00 check to Joshua Smith at Hollow Cord Jewelry to 372 Fyler Road, Kirkville NY  13082.  If you'd like the bracelet mailed to you, please include an additional $2.00 for shipping.  Be sure to indicate that you're ordering for Alec's service dog and provide your return shipping address and wrist measurement size. 
  • Visit Hollow Cord Jewelry on Facebook by clicking here:  The Hollow Cord Jewelry on Facebook
Thank you, Joshua!!