House Rules

Many GMs have specific "house rules" in place for their campaigns. If you do as well you can track those here. You can either add them directly to this page, or attach them as PDF or .doc/.odt format files, or even embed them as Google Docs. You can leave "Comments" enabled for this page so if your players would like to voice their opinions on any specific house rules they can do so easily. Alternatively, just turn Comments off.

Race Templates

I've included all the work I've done on core 3.5 races in Fate below. A couple of comments.

First, they're all kind of refresh heavy, on the order of -3. In general, this is because they have one Inhuman ________ ability and an ability I've titled "____ Physiology" that's based on Echoes of the Beast. It's main goal is to wrap up a lot of the assorted 3.5 skill and saving throw bonuses into one ability. It generally says "your senses are better than a human's in some way, and you get some other bonuses based on your race." It's probably something that could be just rolled into High Concept, but invoking it would get kind of Fate point heavy.

Regardless, these are just my preliminary suggestions and thoughts. Feel free to edit them or even just disregard them.



Pure Mortal, unless they take a template with supernatural powers. Baseline for everything. Differences between them are largely flavor, but also the sort of invocations you might make on your high concept.

3.5: +2 Con, -2 Cha; Medium; Slower speed, can move while encumbered; Darkvision; Stonecunning; Weapon familiarity; Stability (hard to trip/bull rush); +2 saves vs poison, spells; attack/defense bonuses vs ocs/goblinoids/giants; +2 racial to appraise, craft

I think the most important things here are: Slow but steady, darkvision, +2 con. Most other things could just be compels/invokes vs high concept and/or don’t work super well in Fate. +2 Con easily works as inhuman toughness, but I’m not sure what their catch would be.

Dwarven Physiology [-1]
You’re a dwarf, which makes you beardier (and better) than everyone else.
Skills Affected: Varies, but usually Alertness, Athletics, and Might.
Stable Like Stone. Dwarves are hard to move. You gain a +1 on any roll to resist being tripped, pushed, or otherwise moved about.
Darkvision. Dwarves don’t need light to see. While shadows--differences in lighting--might still spoil your view, you can see through uniform darkness without issue.
The Stone Speaks. You have an almost instinctual knowledge about stone, stone work, and the underground. This allows you to make assessment actions to determine the purpose of any stone carving, as well as to determine how far underground you are.

I don’t know how (and if) dwarven slow speed should be represented. Also, I’m not sure if darkvision should be part of this, or a separate Supernatural Senses [-1]. Essentially, not sure how to weigh darkvision vs low light vision. I've tentatively set the dwarf catch as Betrayal--basically, any attack from someone they would trust. I personally think it ties well with my conception of dwarves, but it is rather abstract and could seem a bit strange. The other option is just "dwarf bane weapons," which would have the same cost.

Alternatively, dwarves might have no catch, which brings them up to -3, in line with most of the others.

Musts: Have a high concept that relates to your dwarfiness.

-Inhuman Toughness [-2]
-The Catch (Betrayal?) [+1]
-Dwarven Physiology [-1]

Important Skills:
Minimum Refresh Cost: -2

3.5: +2 Dex, -2 Con; Medium, Normal Speed; Immune to Sleep; Bonus vs Enchantments; Low Light Vision; Weapon Profs; +2 racial to listen, spot, search

Important part here: Keen senses (low light, perception bonuses), faster than normal, immune to sleep. Dexterity probably makes most sense to take as Inhuman Speed [+2]. I feel like immunity to sleep effects shouldn’t be more than a [-1], if it’s even worth making a thing. We could again roll bonus vs enchantments, Low Light Vision, and the perception bonuses into a general Elven Physiology, which probably wouldn’t be worth more than a [-1]

Elven Physiology [-1]
You are one of the elves, the wisest, the fairest, the most intelligent of all beings.
Skills Affected: Alertness, Investigation, Survival, possibly others
Elven Eyes. Elves have extraordinarily keen senses. Whenever it seems reasonable that your exceptional vision and hearing would be advantageous, you gain a +1 bonus to the roll.
Low Light Vision. While elves cannot see in total darkness, even a little light goes a long way. You can see approximately twice as far as humans in the dark, so long as there is at least some light.
Trance. As an elf, you don't sleep. You need approximately half as much time in trance as other races need in sleep. Magical effects that would put you to sleep put you in a trance instead, but have roughly the same effect.


Musts: You must have a high concept that relates to your elfishness.

-Inhuman Speed [-2]
-Elven Physiology [-1]
Important Skills:
Minimum Refresh: -3

How Gnomes and Halflings are treated really depends on if we want to deal with Small size. I think they should have a power for it--probably a toned down version of Diminutive Size. Basically, reduce the bonuses they get from it, and also reduce the penalties. It might end up looking something like this:

Small Size [-1]
Description: You’re small--not itsy bitsy, but roughly the size of a human child. This often makes life hard, given that most humanoid things are designed for people significantly bigger than you.
Skills Affected: Alertness, Investigation, Might, Stealth
Hard to Detect. You gain a +2 to Stealth attempts to remain hidden.
Small is Big. Being small, you’re better at picking up on small details, gaining a +1 to any perception (Alertness, Investigation) needed to spot them.
Wee. Your ability to manipulate objects and other uses for the Might skill are considered relative to creatures of your small size, rather than human sized. (Since most difficulties are determined for humans, this will usually impose a penalty between -1 and -2, or in some cases, forbid the use of Might at all).

The other option is to do something similar to Ivy’s “I’m only a kid” trouble, but it seems somewhat fate point intensive. I personally prefer the version I've listed above.

Regardless, on to 3.5 Gnomes: +2 Con, -2 Strength. Small sized, slower speed. Low Light Vision. Weapon Familiarity. +2 racial bonus vs illusions. +1 to illusion spell dcs. Bonus to attacks vs kobolds, goblinoids, bonus to defense vs giants. +2 racial to listen, craft (alchemy). Spell like abilities: speak with animals, dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation

We could give Gnomes Inhuman Toughness [-2], but it just kind of seems weird to me. There’s probably an endurance stunt out there that would make sense, but I’m not sure how necessary it is either way. Low Light vision could be part of a Gnomish Physiology, as could their excellent sense of smell (it’s a thing! hence the craft alchemy bonus) and illusion related shenanigans. For Their spell-like stuff, Glamours [-2] seems a bit too powerful--that’s talking actually turning stuff invisible and stuff. I’m thinking that something like a Prestidigitation [-1] power would work.

Prestidigitation [-1]
Description: Yer a wizard, Harry. Well, at least a little bit. While you certainly won’t be winning any awards for your magical talent, you do have a bag of (legitimately magical) tricks you can rely on.
Minor Tricks. You can perform a wide variety of minor magical tricks. They’re not particularly impressive, but they are, at least versatile. For example, you can slowly lift relatively light objects; color, clean, or soil small amounts of matter; chill, warm, or flavor small amounts of nonliving material; and create small objects, although they look crude and artificial. With the GM’s permission, you can do nearly anything else, although as a general rule, you may not use this power to cause Stress, or to perform any task that would require more than a Average (+1) effort.
Ghost Sound. You have the power of ventriloquism, combined with the power of illusion magic. By those powers combined, you can create nearly any sound you desire at any point within a range of one zone. Although the sounds created are not loud enough to actually cause physical Stress, there are few limitations beyond that. You may use your Discipline or Deceit skill to oppose any efforts to discover that the sounds are illusory.
Dancing Lights. You have the power to create visual illusions. Unfortunately, however you want to shape these lights, they always appear slightly amorphous and glowing. Your illusions can generate roughly as much light as a lantern. Unless you live in an area where floating balls of light are common, these lights are clearly not natural in origin. Regardless, you can use either Discipline or Deceit for any checks you attempt with this power.

Gnomish Physiology [-1]
You're a gnome--small, hardy, and with an exceptional sense of smell.
The Nose Knows. Gnomes have an exceptional sense of smell. You gain a +1 bonus to any check where your sense of smell might give you an advantage--typically Investigation or Alertness, but possibly others.
Low Light Vision. Your night vision might not be as good as an elf's, but it's certainly better than a human's. You can see approximately twice as far as humans in the dark, so long as there is at least some light.
Speak with Animals. Gnomes have an innate understanding of burrowing animals. While you might not be able to actually converse with them, you can usually understand their motivations. You may make assessment checks to figure out the motivations of burrowing animals.


Musts: You must have a high concept that ties in with your gnomishness.

-Small Size [-1]
-Prestidigitation [-1]
-Gnomish Physiology [-1]
Important Skills:
Minimum Refresh: -3

Halflings are all about pluck and luck (as well as being small). What makes most sense for me is to make them take Small Size [-1] but not have it count as a power for the purpose of taking away the Pure Mortal bonus.

I think these guys could mostly be left as NPCs, which means I don't have to give much though to them right now--a definite plus in my books.

(Added by Mike - Feel free to adjust, or modify if have a better conversion point)
Dragonborn (Information taken from D&D Wiki - Dragonborn )
Dragonborn are human dragons. They have scales for skin, Talons on their hands, no tails, and are tall and strong for humanoids. They are a supernatural race by most standards. They are honor bound and have no specific quarrals with anyone based on race. Dragonborn are typicaly Lawful (good or evil). Dragonborn are fierce warriors and decent diplomats. They treat others with respect and are usually easy to deal with themselves. Honor is more important to them then life itself. They regard fear as the ultimate weakness.
3.5: +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution ,+2 Strength: Built for combat, these warriors are hardy combatants, but not as agile as other races. However, Dragonborn are also respectful and relatively easy to get along with when they're not raging or debating about their history. Humanoid (Reptilian). Medium-size: As medium-size creatures, Dragonborn have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. +2 racial bonus to Intimidate and Knowledge. Dragonborn Fury - +2 Str when at half life. (I am not sure how to handle this or if we should). Dragon Breath - a breath weapon is chosen at birth.
Dragonborn Physiology (-1)
You are the essence of a dragon.  Graceful, powerful, honorable, and wise.
Skills Affected: Alertness, Intimidate, Endurance
Low Light Vision - While dragonborn cannot see in total darkness, even a little light goes a long way. You can see approximately twice as far as humans in the dark, so long as there is at least some light.
Endurance - Dragonborn are built like dragons. They get +1 to physical endurance checks due to their natural toughness, typically Endurance and Survival.
Noble Wyrm - Draconic heritage is awe-inspiring to other beings and gives a +1 on most social interaction checks (typically Intimidation, Presence, or Rapport) with anyone unfamiliar with you.
Tough - You may take Inhuman Toughness [-2] at normal cost without attaching a Catch.

Name: Dragonborn
(-1) Dragonborn Physiology
(-2) Inhuman Strength
(-2) Inhuman Toughness*
(-2) Breath Weapon
(-1) Claws
(-2) Wings
Important Skills: Endurance, Might, Intimidation, Fists, Lore and Presence.
Minimum Refresh: -3