The Event


What We Know
Around three years ago, something Really BadTM happened in the capital. Now there's a big purple swirling cloud hanging over the city, and nobody who's tried to get inside has returned; similarly, we haven't heard a peep from anyone inside. Divination doesn't tell us anything useful, and while some people claim they can still see movement inside the city, it's not really possible to get close enough to confirm that in a meaningful way.

As a result, imperial authority has vanished a number of groups have sprung up in an attempt to fill the void. Marauders from beyond the borders, deserters from the legions, and opportunistic brigands have made travel unsafe. Rumors of undead wandering the roads near the capital have started to filter out of the area in the past few months. There is some contact between former cities of the empire, but little agreement as to what happens next.

What We've Established
There's undead in there. Probably a lot of them. Some of them, at least, are sentient. Whatever happened, it involved the emperor in some way. He, or something that claims to be the emperor, is still around, although they haven't begun acting outside of the city.

This was not a natural occurrence. Someone, someones, or something was behind whatever happened.

As established in Feralis' backstory, the Archmagus had some inkling that something was going to happen. What exactly the Archmagus knew, how he knew it, and why he decided that starting a crash course for necromancy was the right course of action are all mysterious at this point. He's probably on the up-and-up, but there's always the chance that he isn't.

As established in Julia's backstory, Janus Cetus was involved somehow. Janus is an ambitious man who hopes to one day be emperor. Whatever planning and scheming was going on before the Event, what actually happened was not the intended result. Somehow, Janus managed to sabotage the ritual, leading to what actually happened. However, the Event as it occurred was not as Janus wanted it. In all likelihood, he was perfectly happy with the "everyone in Imperial City dies" part, but is rather put out by the "--and then comes back as undead" part.

What We Don't Know
What exactly happened?
Furthermore, what was supposed to happen?
What exactly did the Archmagus know?
Who is the being the claims to be the Emperor?
If it's not the actual emperor, what happened to him?