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The Lighthouse [There's a Perfectly Rational Explanation for That!]

Although Aldwyn was never a major port, enough shipping went through the strait that a lighthouse was constructed around the time that the docks were built. Fittingly enough for a city predominated by a wizard's college, the lighthouse is a beacon of magical light, rather than a more traditional one of fire and mirrors.

The enchantments maintaining the light periodically need to be refreshed, and it is a common point of speculation among citizens about why exactly the ritual takes upwards of two days. People familiar with the process know that the length and variance is due to the labor being used. The relighting of the beacon is preformed entirely by students of the college and used to get students real world experience in large scale ritual casting. As much, and occasionally more, time is spent on teaching and organization as is spent on actual casting.

This explanation does little to quell speculation, no doubt helped along by bored students who enjoy playing up the air of mystery surrounding the whole process. Nonetheless, citizens can rest assured that the process is entirely mundane and boring, and certainly nothing to be concerned about.

"There's a perfectly rational explanation for that!"

The Lighthouse is (in)famous for somewhat odd phenomenon occurring, especially in the weeks surrounding the relighting of the beacon. However, all of them can be explained in a perfectly normal and rational way: pranks played by students, leakage of ritual energy, an overactive imagination and the like.

Instructor Placeholdius

Instructor Placeholdius is responsible for the organization of the ritual, as well as for teaching the students the process. A jovial and overweight wizard, he nonetheless takes his job very seriously. Almost comically so, in fact. The Lighthouse was built in imperial fashion, and so has a living area for the warden, despite not needing the maintenance that a traditional lighthouse requires. Placeholdius took up residence in the warden's quarters years ago, when he first became responsible for the ritual, and has lived in the rather spartan quarters ever since, despite the distance from the college.