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Strait of Aldwyn [Dire Straits]

The strait itself is a narrow passage (~14 miles) connecting the (Parcian Ocean) and the (Sea of Dreams). The (Horn of Lrrr) on the northern side of the strait appears accurately enough on nautical charts, but the interior has never been successfully mapped. Expeditions or adventuring parties land easily enough, and sometimes even penetrate a mile or two inland and report back to their ship, but none who have left the shore for more than an hour have returned. There are a few derelict ships on the shore from the earliest attempts, but more recent landings have generally had their transportation and belongings looted within a week. Due to the commonly known 'facts' about the Horn, only a handful of people a year are foolhardy enough to attempt an excursion; they tend to slowly accumulate in Aldwyn until their numbers are large enough for them to find their courage.

The southern side of the strait is the northwestern corner of the continent, and the location of Aldwyn. This was the northernmost point on an Imperial naval border patrol route where a single ship could put in for a few days for shore leave and resupply. The city is atop bluffs roughly 80 feet high.

Seal Rock - Serves as a perch for local seals and looks somewhat like a seal. 
The Elevator - A functioning magical cargo lift. Construction is proceeding on a second car.
The Waterfront - Excavation into the cliff face is underway for a stone-based waterfront area.
    Construction Foreman Cruentus Decurionus [Strait Man]