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The Arcane Order

What was once the premier organization for arcane study and magical knowledge in the Alsuran Empire (some would say in the Solum Borealis) is now the ruling body of Aldwyn. The Order continues to encompass the Collegium Arcana, but is internally separate. The Order is headed by the Archmage and comprises a dozen Magisters representing the various schools of magic. Most of the internal politics of the Order are opaque to the public. The common man sees only the proclamations and policies that issue from the tower and are enforced or implemented by the guards and the Trader's Exchange. On occasion, a new Magister is raised from the ranks as an older member retires, but these announcements are made with little fanfare and met with only passing interest. In recent years, the guilds of Aldwyn have been petitioning for a more transparent government, especially those impacted most by taxation, the Trader's Exchange and the Maker's Guild.


Zineas Agenmor - current Archmage, formerly Magister of Divination
Yaskel Surodas - Archmage [years redacted], formerly Magister of Enchantment


Paitar Jandor - Abjuration
-Stocky, little short, small chinstrap beard, no mustache
-Totally not a spymaster

Bernand Ulaith - Conjuration

Izanami Miyake - Conjuration

Easthos Ramalus - Divination

Belmorn Silversmith - Enchantment

Wesh Morkin - Enchantment

Tiana Martina - Evocation
-Willowy, "exotic looking," long black hair, kind of brown, think Pocahontas

Olofnaer Drammengot - Evocation, Danskäldar
-Looks like a dwarf, but the size of a large man, has a nordic accent, understandable, but there. Kind of a viking.

Faldan Rodel - Illusion
-Think: Crispin Glover
-Creepy 'n shit, yo--at least, that's how he looks now. Maybe not like that all the time

Rufus Aldana - "Illusion"
-Think: Ziggy Stardust

Adjhotep Kehmir'kharru - Transmutation, from beyond the Austral Sea

Briashe Tanner - Transmutation