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Ghost Pirate Murdock

Collected Thoughts of Murdock - Captain of the Marooned Hope - A Transcription

After nearly fourteen years, I had my hands – or what passes – upon the Crown of Dumme only to have it snatched from me by an upstart thief with hidebound wizards for accomplices. I could scarce believe that three mortals would be so bold, but I was hasty in my judgement. They beset me with little effect, I sent my fell crew to bring them down, and all went as expected. Until… for a moment, I felt again – wind on my face, the smell of the sea. I know not how. This brief visitation of life ended suddenly. I can only presume they managed to defeat me in some way? I awoke after an eye-blink and was unable to move. I have felt no weakness in all my years of haunting and mere thought has always sufficed to travel, but I could no more move myself than will my return to life. I was faced with a blue man speaking the language of the waves and demanding I ‘give him knowledge’ about ‘the vessel’ and ‘what it carries’ – I could only think he meant the Hope, but we carry no cargo of value, no man should want aught to do with my crew, and my answers only made him angry. I saw no harm in entertaining his inane questions until I could devise an escape, but my durance lasted overlong. After mere minutes the blue man performed some ritual over me and I was no longer my own master. I still can feel his magicks pressing upon me every minute. I was commanded to ‘sow discord in the city’ and to give aid to those bearing a sigil of a fanged whirlpool?

Twice now have I borne mortals under the sign of the fanged whirlpool. Seeing it drains me of thought and will. I scarce remember the sight and cannot recall anything for hours after.

I can resist only through the actions of others. My officers are alert to avoid all who bear the sigil. I do what I might to further the goal of discord while building my own power. I have a plan to bring mortals under my sway to find and defeat the blue man.

My operation has begun. I have found a mortal with the right balance of might and fear. He serves well enough, and begins to deliver men. I pay, but peasants cost little. I have convinced several to serve me in return for training and what they consider wealth. The others wait and grow less resistant. I treat them well to build respect, not fear. Eventually, I will have an elite guard. I still have no information about the blue man.

I have found his trail! Rumors of cults have been in the city for weeks, but now one of them includes a blue man. My informant could tell me only that the speaker was a follower of the Water Lord and had seen a blue man after a prayer of bounty.

I made certain that was all he knew.

I have made special study of the fish-lovers. Apparently, there have been changes 

Jeff Johnston,
Dec 12, 2011, 4:35 PM