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We Built This City

There are multiple groups that each feel they have the right to rule over Aldwyn due to their contributions in its development.

The Citizens
The common people have lived in Aldwyn since it was founded and make up the vast majority of its residents. The saying "by sweat and ink" - in reference to the city's unusual and ubiquitous black mortar - has been taken up by [the populist movement] which has gained much traction among members of both the maker's and trader's guilds.

The Noble Houses
There are two factions within the nobility, yet both agree that the great houses should be making the decisions concerning the city and remnant/resurgent empire. One faction claims that the fall of the empire means that society should revert to the feudal lord system of which they, of course, are masters. The other believes in the Imperial model and merely wishes to be involved in establishing a new Capital and Senate. Both of them acknowledge that Aldwyn is the greatest city remaining and is already the de facto capital.

The Wizards
The Collegium Arcana is the defining difference between Aldwyn and the other failed Imperial cities, is fairly solidly entrenched as the authoritative power in the city, and has the most recent claim to 'building' the city. Since the college was built X years ago, magic has been used to expand and improve the port facility, maintain order and continued existence during the Fall, and defend the city and trade routes from bandits and monsters.