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To the southeast of Aldwyn, Da'houd is a nation shrouded in mystery.  Its general population can best be described as "unsavory."  Even before the fall of the Empire, Da'houd served as a relatively safe haven for those fleeing their own city-states, usually for crimes or indiscretions they had committed.  Others may not have done anything wrong in their prior lives, but sought escape and anonymity, and the town provided that.  Da'houd, despite the slimy atmosphere that some of its residents lent it, still offered a refuge, no questions asked. 

The fall of the Empire changed the demographic landscape of Da'houd somewhat.  A chaotic world brought out the worst in some Da'houdians, and others were forced to flee, fearing for their lives when rampant looting and murders rocked the city. 

Da'houd is also the name of the nation's capital city.