The Swindlers Narrow Escape - Horace's Story

Horace Dixit - When Horace has overstayed his welcome in Da'houd, he flees for a new town. But will he arrive safely in Aldwyn when he runs into a couple of travelers from Da'houd who he has already swindled?
Felix - When Felix steps in to clear up an obvious misunderstanding, he is mistaken for an accomplice in the con.  How will they escape a horde of angry Da'houdians?
Lucius Aurelius Feralis - Feralis was renewing the wards on a catacombs entrance near the Old Road when he saw Horace and Felix being chased by a crowd of houdians.  In response to the two's call for help, he summoned up his magic, causing the crowd to cower and flee.  Having finished his ward work, he helped the two back to town.