The Runaway - Julia's Story

Julia Cetus/"Alia" - After fleeing from her family in Secundus, "Alia" arrives in Da'houd and...
Horace Dixit - Runs into Horace Dixit.  Horace, peddling a new potion, tries to scam Alia but she doesn't buy it.  Horace glimpses a mark on her arm and discovers her true identity. They also have a common enemy - one of the local police - that further unites them.  They decide the city has become too dangerous for them both, and flee the city together by ship. When they arrive, a riot at the docks has broken out, leaving them either stuck on the ship or forced to brave the riot.
Drugda Whitescale - Drugda was at the docks greeting a ship captain when a riot broke out near another ship. He noticed the passengers of the ship were scared and trapped on the ship. Drugda worked his way through the riot to the passengers and protected them from immediate harm.  He then attempted to calm the riot using his booming voice and powerful presence but instead scared them all off.  With the riot no longer an issue, Drugda escorted the passengers safely to the elevator.