The Ambassador Arrives - Drugda's Story

Drugda Whitescale - Drugda arrived at the Aldwyn docks after a long and uneventful voyage. He expected to be greeted by an envoy of the city. He was greeted as expected, but instead of being led to the city leaders he was escorted unknowingly to a dark alley and attacked by three men.
Lucius Aurelius Feralis - Feralis, the city's representative, was running late. Seeing the ship had arrived, but seeing no dragonborn, he was drawn to what sounded like men getting mauled by a large animal.  Instead he found Drugda trying to fight off a trio of thugs.  Together, they kill the attackers, but the thugs apparently had poisoned their weapons, as evidenced by Drugda's collapse and sickly pallor.
Julia Cetus "Alia" - Feralis takes Drugda to Shantytown having heard of a healer who can combat the poison.  They are accosted by mobsters but Alia fends them off and delivers them to the healer.