Noble Desertion - Felix's Story

Gaius Cornelius Felix - When Felix leaves Post Remote, Cain's men catch up with him outside Aldwyn. Can he survive their ambush & reach the safety of the city?
Drugda Whitescale - Drugda was near a farm for the purpose of trading when he heard a disturbance nearby.  Being honorable and just, he was compelled to investigate and discovered a man being attacked by a group of 8 armed soldiers.  He Vocally challenged the attackers and jumped into the battle to assist/save the victim of the ambush.  The skirmish attracted the farm residents whom upon arrival saw a blood covered dragon and immediately decided to attack the "beast".
Horace Dixit - Horace was already nearby collecting "magical herbs" from the farm. Upon seeing the attack, Horace uses his powers of oratory to distract the villagers and tell them (lie) that the dragon is the least of their worries; an undead army is headed straight their way!