Gaius Cornelius Felix

Base Refresh: 4 (+2 - Pure Mortal)

Skill Points: 15

Pure Mortal

High Concept
Centurion for the Common Man

General Cain's Second-in-Command

Other Aspects
This Old House
In the shadow of Ferus
Galen's Quickest Student
Ill-Omened Name
Violence is the refuge of the incompetent

Good (+3): Weapons
Fair (+2): Endurance, Presence, Alertness, Scholarship
Average (+1): Rapport, Athletics, Contacts, Discipline

Stunts & Powers
Student of Galen (+1 to Scholarship checks relating to philosophy, further +1 relating to ethics)
Trained Duelist, defensive style (+2 to Weapons checks to defend against against attacks made with swords)
Trained Duelist, counterattack (Riposte as written in YS) 
Total Refresh: +3