Drugda Whitescale

Drugda Whitescale 

Drugda is one of two eldest twin son's in the Whitescale family known by their white stripe that runs from their forehead to the base of their spine (and in rare occasions to the tip of their tail).  They are a successful merchant family hailing from the dragonborn nation.  Drugda was a strong willed, spirited child.  He was frequently getting in fights with the other kids for various reasons in school, but his father, Turthag, had a suspicion he just liked fighting.  As soon as he was old enough his parents sent him to a monastery to finish his schooling and cool his temper.  He finished his education here and also learned inner peace and the true meaning of honor and integrity. He went back to his family house to learn the ways of business and the family trade.  
When the disaster at the Empire's capitol happened, Drugda and his brother Drugar, were sent to the northern country by their clan leader to assess the danger, rebuild relations, determine if further dragonborn military involvement is necessary and create profitable trade routes for their family and nation. Turthag was supportive of this order and considers it their trial in life to prove their worthwhile to succeed as head of the family.  They have been encouraged to gather allies, friends, and trading partners while away.
They left from the main port in the capitol of Dragonmania on different ships, where they started was their choice and Drugda choose to look towards the city of Aldwyn as his starting point.  His brother did not tell him where he was headed.  They have not seen or heard from each other in some time.







High Concept
Arcosian-Whitescale Ambassador Capitalist

Bound by the ancient dragonborn code of honor

Other Aspects
Desires Fathers Approval
"Reformed" Bully
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Scales of Justice
Do not fear, I come in peace

Superb (+5):
Great (+4):
Good (+3): Endurance, Presence, Fists
Fair (+2): Might, Athletics, Intimidate
Average (+1): Alertness, Discipline, Conviction, Rapport, Resources
Power Level: 20 Skill Cap: +4
Skill Points Spent: 20 Available: 0

Base Refresh: 6
Stunts & Powers
(-1) Claws (Fists=Weapon:2)
(-1) Dragonborn Physiology (Low Light Vision, +1 Physical endurance checks, +1 Social checks for first impressions, No Catch Toughness allowed)
(-1) Wings - Dragonlike (Flight)
(-2) Inhuman Strength (+3 Might for lifting and breaking, +1 Grappling and 2 stress hit on grapple as sup action, +1 Might Modifications, +2 damage in combat)
(-5) Total Refresh Adjustment
Adjusted Refresh: 1
[Desires Fathers Approval]
Drugda was born to the wealthy and successful Whitescale family with a twin brother Drugar.  As boys their Father Turthag did his best to train them in the ways of the Dragonborn code, raise them as merchants, and teach them the art of successful trade.  Drugda did not always live up to his fathers expectations and was sent away.  He learned discipline while away and when returned home was more open to his father's mentorship.  Even though his father has shown pride in him as a son, he feels that he has let him down in many ways.  When Drugda and Drugar came of age, Turthag decided they were ready to succeed him as the family leader.  To do this they must prove their worth to him as capitalists and warriors, and leaders.
Rising Conflict
["Reformed" Bully]
When Drugda was a small child, he loved to fight.  He was the class Bully in the young schools. This became a problem in later childhood years as he became stronger.  His father and teachers were unable to tame him so his father sent him to a monestary to finish schooling and be tamed and trained as a proper Dragonborn.  At the monestary he was taught discipline and self-control.  As a side effect he received exceptional schooling.  He returned home as a young adult and respected his fathers teechings and mentorship.  He has rarely shown any signs of his childhood ways, but the seed may have not been completely squelched.
First Adventure
[Once Bitten, Twice Shy]
Guest Star 1
[Scales of Justice]
Guest Star 2
[Do not fear, I come in peace]