Julia Cetus

House Cetus is an infamous noble house, known both for their sorcerous talent and for their sliminess. Nonetheless, House Cetus has been on the rise for several generations, having gained the ear of the emperor three generations ago and the imperial governorship of Secundus two generations ago. Their enemies tend to die in unusual ways, although these deaths have never been directly tied back to the family.

Janus Cetus, the current head of house Cetus, had been a close friend and confidant of the emperor for many years, and became aware and involved in the planning and organization of whatever ritual the emperor was planning in Imperial City. However, Janus had no desire for the ritual to actually be successful. Instead, he believed that if the massive ritual were somehow disrupted or subverted, it would wipe Imperial City off the map--and along with it, any remaining obstacles to his goal of seizing ultimate control and power.

However, while his machinations successfully disrupted the ritual, it did not succeed in cleanly wiping Imperial City off the map. Instead, a disturbing purple cloud has been swirling over what remains of Imperial City for three years, and some witnesses report seeing movement stirring within the shattered walls of the city. While Janus still aims to create and rule a new empire, the remains of the Imperial City have become a wild card and unknown threat to that goal. Janus has been using Sucundus to further his goal by recruiting bandits to help regain other areas for his cause. 


Julia Cetus is the heir to House Cetus and black sheep of the dark family. Having been exposed to the unpleasant nature of her family's intentions, she rebelled and chose to flee the empire to avoid the family's influence and grooming to become the head of the house. To avoid being identified as a member and the heir of house Cetus, she chose to flee to Da'houd (known as a place with some shady dealings and where people don't ask many questions). After staying in Da'houd for 5 years and adopting it as her new home, she returned to the empire after hearing of the disaster in the Imperial City knowing her family must have somehow been involved. Having taken on the name Alia, she arrived in a small port town that had rapidly declined after the fall of the empire and had been under repeated attack from bandits and outsiders. Deciding to use her abilities for good, she helped defend the towsnpeople on their journey to Aldwyn despite fear of being recognized. 

After arriving in Aldwyn, she joined the townspeople in the shantytown to continue providing protection and avoid being recognized by the nobles in the city. Knowing that her family must have been involved in the disaster in Imperial City, she has returned to the empire to reclaim the family name and right the wrongs her family has wrought.

High Concept - White Sheep of House Cetus

Julia is the rebel of the dark-hearted and vaguely evil family. House Cetus has a magical lineage and Julia demonstrates the typical family talent.

Trouble - Deep Dark Temptations

As a member of House Cetus, Julia is concerned about her potential for evil like the rest of her family. She may have some darker abilities, but becoming like the rest of her family.

Aspect - The Family Pet

Growing up as the heir of House Cetus, Julia has been doted upon yet also treated as an inexperienced child. She hadn't been able to fully develop her personal identity because of familial expectations and teachings. She is used to being generally patronized yet also underestimated. While learning family spells, she also accidentally killed her beloved pet; she was not told what effect the spell would have and was devastated at the death she caused.

Aspect - Half-finished Tattoo

As a rite of passage, family members of House Cetus are marked with a tattoo of the sea serpent that lends the family name. It is a mark not only of her training and dark past, but the unfinished nature represents her rejection of the family values.

Aspect - I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)

Knowing that her family was somehow involved in the event that has struck the empire and due to her altruistic personality, she has decided to help right the wrongs her family has participated in creating. This represents Julia actively striving to undo her family's wrongdoing and help those who have suffered. 

Aspect - Life in the Shadows

During her travels and tenancy in Da'houd, Julia has strengthened her ability to blend in and hide her identity. She has become adept at not being seen or discovered. Due to her experience with sneaking, she is also adept at detecting people who are hiding both physically and socially.

Aspect - Street Cred

Julia is used to dealing with unsavory personalities, yet has earned a level of respect from Da'Houdians and the thugs of Shantytown. Generally, she gets along with people, and can use her presence to diffuse sticky situations.

Sorceress (Minor Talent)

High Concept
White Sheep of House Cetus

Deep Dark Temptations

Other Aspects
The Family Pet
Half-finished Tattoo
I Can't Go for That
Life in the Shadows
Street Cred

Superb (+5): 
Great (+4): Presence, Stealth
Good (+3): Deceit, Discipline
Fair (+2): Lore, Alertness
Average (+1): Empathy, Rapport

Stunts & Powers
Base Refresh: 6

Channeling [-2]: Water (As Dresden)
Focus Item: Traveler's Staff (Offensive Control +1)
Enchanted Item: Half-finished Tattoo (Block Strength 2, 3 times per session; using 2 Slots at Lore +2)