Lucius Aurelius Feralis

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Father: Lucius Aurelius Mercator, skilled craftman

Mother: Valeria Lucii

Sister: Aurelia Ignata, elder sister, Legion Evoker. Last stationed with the XI Legion in Secundus

None of the family have made it to Aldwyn. His parents did not live in Imperial City, nor was his sister stationed there, so his family is likely alive.

Background - A Sickly Child
Feralis was not a healthy child. Sickly from the day of his birth, the midwife did not believe that he would last through his first night. Despite that, he survived. Not to say that he thrived--throughout his childhood and even to this day, he has been wan and gaunt--but he strove to never let his poor health hold him back. Admittedly, he could not serve in the legion, like his elder sister, and so instead threw himself into the profession of the magewright, mastering the trade at an astonishing pace. At the recommendation of his mentor, he traveled to Aldwyn and sought entry into the academy there.

Rising Concept - Nose to the Grindstone
He was, however, promptly denied. Although he certainly had magical talent, they feared that his talents would run towards necromancy, and thus refused to teach him. Denied the prestige of entrance into the college, Feralis instead settled back into the (comparatively mundane) life of a magewright. Although not what he truly desired, he found solace in the work, repetitive and dull as it may be.

Trouble - Bound by the Bone Law
Ten years later, however, his luck changed. The Archmagus had decided to quietly start a small necromancy program, for somewhat mysterious reasons. Those admitted to the program were a disparate bunch, containing people from nearly every background. Some, like Feralis, had been denied entry to the college previously, while others, like Throg Julius, a half-orc transmuter from an auxiliary legion, were experienced wizards in their own right. They all shared one thing in common. To enter the program, they had to agree to be bound by the Bone Law, an archaic, pre-Imperial code that regulated necromancy. Of primary importance are these tenants:

1) Initiates may not create undead
2) Initiates may not animate undead, regardless of who created them
3) Initiates may not bind spirits to their will
4) Anyone bound by the Bone Law must enforce these rules
5) Anyone who fails to enforce these rules will be treated as having violated these rules

Being primitive law, punishments are, of course, somewhat barbaric.

First Adventure

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Aspect musings: I totally need better names for these. I've written out the ideas I'm trying to convey, so if anyone has suggestions for better names, that would be awesome.

A Taste of Power:

The idea I have is that although Feralis has been of ill health and denied many paths he would have chosen, he does not want to simply be "that sick guy who will always just be that sick guy." I think he should have a personal dilemma between his desire to achieve, regardless of limitations, and his stoic belief, also brought on by being denied those opportunities, that everyone has a role, even if it isn't glamorous, and they should be content, and even proud of that.

We All Have a Duty

The aspect referenced above. Feralis has been forced down paths he didn't necessarily plan on, or want to be in in the first place, but in every case has stoically accepted where life has taken him. And since he's managed to do so, however much it chaffed, he sees no reason that others shouldn't, as well. Conversely, he has a deep respect for people who have similarly accepted the burdens life has saddled them with.

A Sickly Child

Feralis has never truly been healthy during his life--he almost died when he was born, and has gotten only marginally better since then. Although he doesn't like or want to admit it, he's going to have trouble with more athletic pursuits. People might also be put off by his sickly pallor. On the other hand, death has never been particularly far away from him, and now that he wields the magic of death, maybe that will be to his advantage for once...

Nose to the Grindstone

The work of a Magewright requires patience, forethought, some magical talent, and an incredible tolerance for repetition. Feralis prefers planning, not rushing into action, and good, old-fashioned hard work. In his years as a magewright, he's also picked up a good deal of knowledge about spellwork, craftsmanship and trade in general. This should probably also convey that he's lived in Aldwyn for over ten years, which at the moment it doesn't.


I need one more aspect. I vaguely feel it should be motivation related. I feel like Feralis would have strong civic virtue, and care about doing the right thing, but I haven't really managed to convey that with my other aspects. On the other hand, I feel like if one of them were rephrased or tweaked they could cover that. If I did that, motivation would largely be covered, leaving this free for... I'm not entirely sure. If anyone has suggestions that would be baller.

Wizard (Realistically: Minor Talent to start)

High Concept
Sanctioned Necromancer Journeyman

Bound by the Bone Law

Other Aspects
A Sickly Child
Nose to the Grindstone

A Taste of Power
We All Have a Duty
Memento Mori

Superb (+5): 
Great (+4): 
Good (+3): Discipline, Conviction
Fair (+2): Lore, Scholarship, Craftsmanship
Average (+1): Resources, Investigation, Alertness

Stunts & Powers
Base Refresh: 4

Evocation (-3)
Schools: Necromancy, Abjuration, Illusion
Focus Item: Curved Snaith Staff (+2 Offensive Necromancy Control)
Specialty: Power (Necromancy +1)

Final Refresh: 1