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Waterfront District

The waterfront has a few distinct areas; the Docks, the Warehouses, the Shore, the Pit, and the Bazaar. 

The Bazaar is the only part that reputable citizens visit with any regularity. The Bazaar is the exclusive marketplace for exotic goods, as well as the central hub for large-scale trade meetings, and attracts citizens from all walks. As much of the city's prosperity is derived from the trade that occurs here, the city guard has a strong presence.

The Docks are a place of business, and are always well populated. Even at night, sailors seek recreation, ships with industrious captains transfer cargo for early departure, and beggars scavenge for useful castoffs. One end of the docks is a Maker's Guild shipyard that leases space to shipwrights for performing repairs. As one might expect, this area includes a good number of inns, taverns, small goods shops, and brothels.

The Warehouses are generally poorly lit, sometimes abandoned, and minimally maintained. Workers have no trouble here by virtue of coming in large groups, frequently with guards,, but one or two people alone will quickly be in some sort of trouble with footpads, thugs, or worse. There are rumors that unsavory types use the narrow alleys as clandestine meeting locations at all hours.

'The Pit' is the nickname given to the area near the edge of the city that houses the most unpleasant or downright noxious businesses, such as the tanneries, fulling mills, and lime kilns. The city supports more than the usual number of these establishments due to the sea-breeze that draws off the stench before it can spread far and the unusually high number of citizens willing to work in these conditions.

The Shore is ironically named, giving the expectation of a picturesque beach. Unfortunately, this undeveloped section of the coastline is contaminated by runoff from the city, specifically from the pit. It is also used as a dumping ground for various criminal organizations.