About Aldwyn v2.0

General Campaign Features

Power: Swords & Sorcery with zombies!
Plot Scale: City (4.17)Realm (3.83), World (3.5)
Gameplay Scale: City (4.0)Realm (3.83), World (3.33)
Combat Solutions: 5, range 3-6 - Roughly equal combat and social.
Social Emphasis: 6, range 4-7 - Leaning high.
Morality: 5.8, range 6-8 (with 0 outlier) - Some absolutes, but plenty of interpretation.
Conflict origin: 4.5, range 3-6 - Very slightly slanted towards character-driven.
Tone: Politics / Intrigue (3 Heavy, 3 Mod), Mystery / Investigation (5 Mod), High Fantasy (4 Mod+), Comedy (4 Mod)
    Undertones: Gritty & Dark (2 Heavy, 1 Mod, 1 None)Religions (2 Mod, 4 Light), Dungeon Crawl (1 Mod, 5 Light)

The Former Empire

The city of Aldwyn attained greatness shortly before the fall of the empire. The Collegium Arcana had a well-established second economy driven by magic and luxuries, and some other things were going on. Several cities, including Brockway and North Haverbrook, collapsed entirely into chaos in the months following the event in the capital.

Cities and Nations

Lore, Background and Other