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How and why you should modernize your way of banking.

How and Why

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Step one; download & install CashApp (2.) to your cell phone or tablet... fill out your personal information & link your bank account; what you will have done is added a banking module to your existing banking account network that includes an “on-ramp/off-ramp” to the cryptocurrency blockchain. Now you will be able to buy, sell, send, or receive Bitcoin and all without fees (though spread averaging pricing is used for Bitcoin purchases). 

CashApp is by far the easiest, fastest, & cheapest way to buy & sell Bitcoin. with the exception of for example, the "Kraken Exchange," where you'll find the cheapest prices but very complex and time-consuming to work with. Additional CashApp features include “direct deposit” & ACH automated bill paying provisions and your own CashApp “debit card.” By using all of the CashApp features, you could literally quit using your conventional checking account. Note; we do not recommend trying to operate without a conventional checking account just in case of rare instances e.g., check cashing... we recommend “Uncle Credit Union” banking, all they require is a $5.00 savings account balance to maintain an open account. Instead of just getting 1 or 3% “cash-back” on purchases, you will now get 5, 10, and even 50% cash back on popular items such as you will at “Chick-fil-A,” “Wholefoods,” “Taco Bell,” or even $1.00 off at any coffee shop using your CashApp debit card... additionally, you will be able to purchase consumer goods that offer Bitcoin transactions at much greater discounts such as 20% less than a cash or credit card transaction. 

Now if you want even more benefits you’ll have to add more modules. Add NEXO bank (5.) if you want to earn 8% on your “checking account” deposits... the caveat, NEXO bank only stores “digital currency,” so you’ll have to convert your USD to TrueUSD, TrueUSD is a digital “stablecoin” that never fluctuates in value for use in the cryptocurrency World (1 TrueUSD coin = $1.00). Additional features at NEXO include a debit/credit card for balances over $500.00, instant loans against your balance, and dividend payouts at 30% of NEXO profits when you invest into NEXO bank. 

Note; Bitcoin constantly changes in value as a digital commodity, so you wouldn’t want to be holding onto it and expect any kind of stability, what you’ll need to do to prevent this type of exposure is to convert your “Bitcoin” to digital currency as instructed above or by immediately selling it using your CashApp. At this level of participation there is no risk-based investing, it’s just a modern-day diversified multi-currency portfolio and nothing more. 

Get the Google Play Cash App for Android for cash payments
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Get the App Store Cash App for Apple for cash payments
Requires iOS 11.0 or later.with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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How and Why 2


We will get to modules 4 & 5 momentarily, at this point though, unless you want the 8% APR on your checking account balances... you won’t need them. It is at this module, module 3, that you’ll be offered a better way to manage your savings, 401k, or IRA accounts. AMFEIX (3.) has a prior 6-month track-record of an average return of 23% per month... we know that 23% APR returns per month is unheard of, but it’s true, in other words your investment doubles every 5 months. 

What you’ll need to do to participate is to simply buy some Bitcoin with your CashApp, and then send it to your AMFEIX wallet. So yes... if you put e.g., $1000.00 into your AMFEIX account for a month, you could then expect to earn approximately $200.00 in that 30-day period; let the investment “ride” or withdraw it at your discretion. 

If you decide to withdraw your Bitcoin from AMFEIX, send it back to your CashApp wallet, and then immediately sell the Bitcoin converting it into cash and putting it back into your bank account or leaving the cash value in your CashApp. 

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Bittrex (4.) is where you can buy TrueUSD. Just send Bitcoin from your CashApp wallet to Bittrex, buy TrueUSD, and then send it to your NEXO wallet (CashApp only holds Bitcoin & USD). It is at NEXO that you will earn 8% APR on your checking account balance. When you want to use your TrueUSD, use either your NEXO debit/credit card for consumer goods, or just send it to Bittrex, buy Bitcoin, and send the Bitcoin to your CashApp wallet or directly to your AMFEIX wallet. Note; AMFEIX has two levels... a wallet level, and an investment level, so you’ll need to transfer Bitcoin from your AMFEIX wallet to your AMFEIX investment account to earn the aforementioned investment return of approximately 20% per month.

Go to my website for my referral codes so that I can be compensated for educating you... use the codes to sign-up for CashApp & AMFEIX.

For signups & support contact Glen Aldrich; https://aldrichtechnical.com glen@aldrichtechnical.com 510-566-8003

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