AMFEIX's secret pt 1!

AMFEIX Secret pt1

This is how we at Aldrich Technical discovered not only AMFEIX... but AMFEIX's "secret-to-Success" tool. Click the below website thumbnail to go to that website and take a look at what kind of data "readout" Etherscan™ can offer, then come back here. I used their services to track down all of the particulars of a recent NEXO tokens transaction of mine. One of Etherscan's sponsors is AMFEIX™.

AMFEIX's secret pt 2!

AMFEIX Secret pt2

What I'm about to reveal to you is not something that would be easily ascertained by anyone unless they had an IT Industry background such as AldrichTechnical does. AMFEIX's "Secret-to-Success" tool is the unique protocol that they use that catapults them beyond their competition. Other investment institutions are reading price charts scattered all over the blockchain... AMFEIX is not! See below image for a typical price chart.


AMFEIX's secret pt 3!

AMFEIX Secret pt3

What AMFEIX™ is doing is accessing the backdoor data segment of the Blockchain exchanges using Etherscan™ (a Blockchain Network scanning tool). We don't know of any other traders or trading institution that are using anything like this. AMFEIX is monitoring Blockchain Transactions such as money-flow prices high and lows, money velocity, and money momentum, to name but a few of several money data movement segments. When there is "price action" anywhere on the blockchain Exchanges... it stands-out like a "sore thumb" on the Etherscan's full-blockchain exchange scanning radar. They are just following the age-old adage... "follow the money."

Making money with AMFEIX™.

Making Money with AMFEIX

AMFEIX is not advertising this gooses "golden egg" attribute and for good reason, why would you want to teach your competition how to garner market-share that would otherwise be all of yours just by keeping your mouth shut concerning this one little secret? So I implore you, use this AldrichTechnical secret "procedure analysis" determination for your own profit, and only invite others that are serious to join the AMFEIX community... Okay?

Here's how to make a career out of referring associates and trusted friends to join AMFEIXAMFEIX pays you a 10% commission for the profits that your referrals make using AMFEIX™, e.g., if a referral of yours puts $10,000.00 into the community investment pool and makes a profit of $2,000.00 (20% of $10,000.00) for that month, then AMFEIX™ will pay you a commission of $200.00 (10% of $2,000.00) for that same month. You don't have to be a wiz at math to figure-out that if you had 10 such $10,000.00 referrals that you would then be making a two thousand dollar-a-month income... right? Your AMFEIX investment account is automatically fed with your AMFEIX referral commissions account and abracadabra... you're on your way to a wealthy retirement with very little startup funding.

  • Stylize yourself a "Money-Mind," Practice Discretion, and Achieve Success.
note; discretion means no mass marketing; as previously stated... "why would you want to teach your competition how to garner market-share that would otherwise be all of yours just by keeping your mouth shut concerning this one little secret?" Educate your prospective clients "one-at-a-time" to "know your clientele;" maintain the very valuable AMFEIX community "trade secret," a trade secret that directly and proportionately equates to your own rate-of-success.

Use this website to educate your referrals but make sure your referrals use your own referral link. AldrichTechnical offers website building and business card creation to get you up and running with your own referral link and personalized website data as quickly as possible.

Inform your prospective clients that Cryptocurrency is the World Currency of the future, all signs tell us such. Get your referrals to revamp their checking and savings account concepts and to trans-mutate their way of banking to a much more modern and profitable proposition for their banking APR returns.

Now I ask you, especially if you're young... which seems to be the better path choice for early retirement? 40 years at a conventional job or career, or building and owning your own investment and referral service that is only going to get more stable as we move into a digital monies future... yes you can retire in as little as two years with and yes with only two hundred dollars startup.

Here's what a minimum investment of only $200.00@20% monthly returns looks like in 24 months!
Here's what it looks like with $1000.00

An independent review of AMFEIX... notice the inference to a "secret" or non-divulged method of tracking the market found in the following 2nd and 3rd paragraph... statements like "adept at tracking market changes" and "is grounded with a number of well-informed traders."

Independent Review