Here is a brief (5 minutes) explanation of what "Power factor Correction" is all about.

YouTube Video

Power factor correction is not an entry-level position, you will need an electricians training as a background prerequisite. 
The biggest obstacles that you'll face are finding corporations with $10,000.-a-month utility bills and finding a prospect
that you'll be able to convince that they will not have to pay anything more than what they are presently paying to get
a $10,000-to-$30,000. annual reduction in their energy costs.

They will presently be paying a regular and ongoing monthly penalty that if eliminated would equal the monthly payment amount to
have their energy bill eliminated in a 12-month Power factor services rendered payoff. In other words, this isn't something you'd look at
as an investment with a "return on investment" (ROI) waiting period, what it is, is a reframing of your "bottom-line" of cost-to-profits to 
capture their maximum available benefits.

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