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"Credit Spread" Options trading is best for generating consistent income.

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Following are the first three videos to watch. These videos are produced by
ProjectOption... the best mentors I could find for beginners after going through 
all of them on the Internet for over a year. Following is the link to 
ProjectOption"s YouTube Channel for your further education.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Cryptocurrency Section

Cryptocurrency trading is highly speculative and very difficult (you are virtually gambling)... 
we highly recommend "community investing" with AMFIEX (see below)


Before you start your initial orientation, an analogy by our Author of the expression... it's "to good to be true." What that credo implies is that what is true, or what is truthful, isn't all that good.

What is true is that in 2008 the economy failed, banks had to be "bailed-out," and taxpayers had to pay for it... not good at all, yet true. 
So a man invented the Blockchain Network and digital currencies (Bitcoin) as a solution.

What "to good to be true" does not take into account is all of the new opportunities that are transitioning our World of currency standards from its' present paper-money World into a digital currency World... 
digital currency is the future of our World economy.

The development of our Blockchain Network and its' digital currency started in the year 2008 and as an infrastructure has developed to a
 level of true opportunity that is available for all of us to use today. Many World-class enterprises such as JP Morgan, Microsoft, Pepsi Co, McDonald's, etc., are already in the process of adopting and migrating into "Blockchain" Network transaction contracting, company's like Facebook and Amazon are reportedly developing their own cryptocurrency coins. 

AldrichTechnical is presenting an opportunity scrutinized and vetted, we practice our own advice, and we are profiting from it. Yes there are many opportunity "scam-artist" out there ready to steal your money, and yes there are opportunities out there that are genuine and honest... we'll do our best to convince you that what we are offering to you is a genuine and honest opportunity.

We believe that our IT Industry background expertise determinations will make all of the difference that you'll need to see that opportunity.

What you are here to accomplish is a module-based banking and money-management system for yourself that will enable you to expand your conventional "paper-based" money-management system into a system that will include a "digital" money-management system.

Are there risks involved?  The short and simple answer is NO! No risks are incurred unless you decide to invest and you need not invest to make use of your new module-expanded banking system.

Your motive for this upgrade task is to upgrade your APR returns from pitiful to fantastic... APR returns such as 8% interest paid on your checking account deposits, accounts that are insured and backed by a $100,00,000.00 guarantee, digital dollar coins (cryptocurrency stablecoins) that never fluctuate in value that are backed "dollar-for-dollar" by the US dollar, and "savings, 401k, or IRA account" APR returns that are consistently averaging over 20%-per-month returns. 

Total orientation time = less than 35 minutes.

For a quick "5-minute" orientation, please see our "flyer handout" tab, or click here.

Why believe me?

Following this section I will be telling you about my age and experience background. I want you to know my background because I want you to be assured that you're not dealing with someone that doesn't know what they're talking about. The opportunity I'm about to show you in our cryptocurrency world will be a lot easier for you to believe-in knowing that as an observation, it comes from a retired seasoned Intelligence Technology professional.

One of the things I do is make money in the Cryptocurrency World... like doubling my money in one week. It can be done with algorithm-driven "bots," and or it can be done using a very well-developed expertise within the "candlestick & wick" technical analysis arena.

Showing people how to double their money in one week is not why I invite guests to my website. That would be a difficult thing to do. I invite guest here to show them how to make just as much profit as an above-average trader makes in one month without them themselves having to make any trades at all... the trades are made for you, and they are made by a team of expert cryptocurrency traders.

Just in case you didn't realize it, 401k retirement plans are invested in stocks, bonds, money market funds, or some combination of them all and your conventional savings account only earns an approximate 0.029 APR. 

Wouldn't you be happier knowing that instead of only getting 0.029% APR on your savings, 401k, or IRA  account, that you would instead be making 500 times more than that 0.029% APR? That would be a total regular profit of 14.5%. Here's the "kicker," this is not referring to your new annual profit... but monthly profit. Look at the below monthly AMFEIX investment pool profits example, their very worst monthly profits over a 6 month period are 13% and their best is 29%, their track record shows a 6 month average monthly profit of 23%.


At this rate of monthly profits you will be doubling your money every five months... a profit seen only by above-average traders. Now if you're going  to say to yourself something like... what if I don't make 20% profit per month, what if I only make 10% profit a month instead? Are you really going to complain about it taking 10 months to double your money instead of 5 months? Really?

Do you feel squeamish or just not knowledgeable enough to deal with Bitcoin? If it was such a "flash-in-the-pan" proposition, then why would the CEO of Twitter
™, Jack Dorsey, be buying $10,000.00 worth of Bitcoin each and every week?

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, buys $10,000.00 worth of Bitcoin  every week.

Now if a readout of months-in-a-row consistent profits isn't enough proof for you I've got something else to show you in the section to follow this section that will be. AMFEIX
 is the name of the investment service you'll be using for your digital currency savings and retirement account. Once signed-up you put your money (Bitcoin) into an investment "pool." It is essentially an investment community. AMFEIX apportions up the profits to each member according to the amount of each individuals investment.

Go ahead and read-through my resume' data section just below clicking on the "Click this link" hyperlink when finished for that "something else" I promised to show you.

Just as an interim "teaser..." 



"Bitcoin ATM" Machines.

Located at the local mall in the city where I live.

Read the following to and for yourself. 

Glen Aldrich; Owner/Operator
Tracy, Ca 
DOB; May 9, 1950

Not a licensed financial consultant... AldrichTechnical is a website tool-set collection of what we use and make money with, and most successful cryptocurrency traders use themselves.

Here's a couple of AldrichTechnical (Glen Aldrich) certifications so that you'll know I'm not B. you.

AMFEIX is totally unique as an opportunity, AMFEIX possesses a "Secret-to-Success" tool not possessed or used by other such services. Click this link and I'll reveal this secret to you, and how you can make money promoting AMFEIX to your associates.

AMFEIX AUM = $32,370,000 as of 08/09/2019
AUM (assets under management)
AMFEIX is not just one-of-the-best... they are THE best.

Author's advice short & sweet.

Fair Warning!

Every good sales-pitch should include a "sense-of-urgency" aspect to it, to motivate its' audience to react. here's our's...  what AMFEIX is offering to its' member-subscribers is especially outstanding and special as alluded to by the "independent review" you just read at the end of the previous page. I have personally experienced what I'm about to tell you, for myself, regarding the inevitability of a consumer service that is just "to good to be true" when you find one that is that truthfully good, this is what happened; the acceptance of their service was so great that their new membership sign ups started to exceed their ability to properly manage and service their clientele efficiently, that made it necessary for them to put a halt to new membership sign ups. They eventually built-up their support team personnel to accommodate future members, but many of those that wanted to sign up ended-up on a waiting list for it to become their turn to come on board. AldrichTechnical is predicting without reservation, that this is what is expected to happen with AMFEIX. Even if you are not ready to put any money into AMFEIX, we strongly suggest that you click on our AldrichTechnical referral link presented below in our, "How to open an account" section, and sign-up anyways, you don't need to put money into your new AMFEIX account in the beginning to render your account as valid. This is our fair warning... secure yourself a place in the AMFEIX community while they are still readily available.

This following "FUD TV" YouTube video is "MC'd" by an engineer developer... background expertise similar to AldrichTechnical; keep in mind that FUD TV fairly host the opinion of many both pro and con, and that 70% of our populous are real idiots, 20% are destructive "bashers," and only about 10% can offer accurate and truthful information.

YouTube Video


fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.
"the FUD factor"

Re-frame your concept of banking & money management

Reframe your Concepts

What I'm revealing to you is "bar-none," the easiest and most profitable way to reap the benefits of our new digital currency World short of being an expert in technical analysis... all you have to do is just change your concepts, in other words, "way of thinking,"  from a conventional checking and savings Bank account, to a digital checking and savings Bank account.  

Replace your checking account paper dollars with digital True US dollars. Replace your savings paper dollars with Bitcoin, Replace your conventional checking account with NEXO as your checking account.  Replace your savings account with AMFEIX as your savings account.

TrueUSD is guaranteed & backed by the US Dollar, as a digital coin it never fluctuates up or down no matter how wildly the Crypto Market swings... see the below article on TrueUSD.  Put it into NEXO. They'll issue you a "debit" card to pay your bills, and go grocery shopping, buy gas, pay membership fees, etc., nexo backs your "checking account" balance with a one hundred million dollar insured guarantee.

 You will need the Bitcoin for AMFEIX... get the Bitcoin into AMFEIX, and that's it. 

If you're not feeling especially comfortable going "whole-hog" on this adventure, then keep a portion of your conventional checking account for now, and have a secondary digital checking account for this excursion. We can think of no good reason to do the same with your savings account.


TrueUSD digital coins is what you'll be using in your NEXO banking account (your new checking account) in place of your "paper dollars" in your conventional checking account. You'll use your NEXO bank account and digital dollars to buy Bitcoin.

Starting now, traders can easily and quickly trade into a stablecoin (a stablecoin is a digital coin that never waivers in value), that is 100% legally backed by US Dollars. TrueUSD offers token-holders full USD collateral, regular attestations, and legal protections against misappropriation of the underlying US Dollar. This allows individuals and institutions to trade cryptocurrencies while mitigating the extreme price volatility of the market. In other words, your digital dollar is always worth one dollar.

Trading with TUSD allows traders to buy Bitcoin low, sell high, and then keep their profits in TUSD on a permanent basis, as the price of Bitcoin continues to fluctuate on those that keep their underlying dollar investments in Bitcoin, not assured of the profit retention that TUSD offers.

Your new Checking Account!

Zero fees!

NEXO BANK... 8% interest on your balance 
(no need for a hard/cold wallet, that's what they use)

See our "Wallet & Bank" tab; Wallet & Bank tab link for NEXO videos!

Your new Savings/IRA/401K Account!

AMFEIX INVESTING... crowd-based investing.

See our "Wallet & Bank" tab; Wallet & Bank tab link for AMFEIX videos!

How to open and use your NEXO™ checking account
and AMFEIX™ "savings/investment" account.

How to get started

You will be interfacing and dealing with 4 different institutions... NEXO™, AMFEIX™, Cash App™, and Bittrex™. All 4 platforms have been vetted and scrutinized by AldrichTechnical for US Federal SEC compliance's, regulations, and rules, to operate within the United States. These 4 platforms have furthermore been selected based on their successful security against breaches, free-or-fee-less services provided, and for lowest fees when applicable and ease-of-use by their subscribers.

1.       Click our referral link as seen below... you’ll be taken to AMFEIX™.

AldrichTechnical referral link for AMFEIX

2.       Once there, create your own wallet name and password. After that you will be issued a 12-WORD account recovery "seed," write that down for future recovery needs reference. 

3.       Once you’re inside your account, copy your Bitcoin wallet address. Save it in e.g. Windows “Notepad” for later swipe-copy-paste usage... so save the Notepad text file somewhere easy to access, like on your desktop. Minimum AMFEIX investment is 0.02 Bitcoin (about $200.00), so check what 0.02 is worth in USD first. Click on our "reference tab," then our Bitcoin calculator, input 0.02 to see the dollar amount.

4.       Now go to NEXO™ to open your NEXO™ checking account. It'll take a little time for verification and a $500.00 minimum deposit is required to be issued a nexo "debit" card.

5.       Once your NEXO account is established, use your "Cash App," the World's most inexpensive way to buy Bitcoin. 

6.       Once your Cash App account is established, and you have bought Bitcoin, you can then transfer the Bitcoin from Cash App to your NEXO™ account wallet address.

7.       Buy your TrueUSD at by transferring your chosen amount of Bitcoin from NEXO to Bittrex. Once bought, send the TrueUSD back to your NEXO account wallet address.

8.       Now invest all or part of your nexo Bitcoin balance into AMFEIX using proper wallet addresses. Minimum 0.02 Bitcoin.

Buying cryptocurrency cost money. Cash App charges a small percentage to cover Market "spreads,"for Bitcoin, and Bittrex charges a small percentage for transferring TrueUSD from Bittrex to your NEXO wallet. This is nothing so-to-speak compared to the rates that others like "Coinbase" or exchanges charges... buying Bitcoin from either of these two cost 7%; for example, buying a thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin will cost you $70.00.

If you are not familiar with the Internet Blockchain Network and its' workings, AldrichTechnical highly recommends that you employ their services to setup and train you with the necessary "checking and savings" accounts protocols. See below to find out how to get AldrichTechnical services without charge.

If this all seems a bit much for you, you could skip the "checking account" setup, and just deal with Cash App, Bitcoin, and AMFEIX™ for your savings and "money growth" account.

Afterthought; NEXO™ is a wallet that handles TrueUSD™ and Bittrex™ is an exchange that handles TrueUSD™ also, 
without Bittrex™ and NEXO™, you have no "stablecoin" (TrueUSD™) access or management... not everyone handles TrueUSD™.

AldrichTechnical payment & sign-up center;

Pay close attention to the wallet destination name and destination addresses;
AldrichTechnical is not responsible for monies sent to wrong addresses.

You can send Bitcoin only payments for AldrichTechnical services to my 
NEXO Wallet address; 35ruv9QEw3YYjbuXZgtjg6GdvGAJcakZtR

You can send TUSD only payments for AldrichTechnical services to my
NEXO Wallet address; 0x5d01899e60a5ab9257298c53f771f5ca9f264b35

We strongly recommend using the "Cash App" payment system over all others.

You can send Bitcoin only or USD cash payments for AldrichTechnical services to my 
CashApp™ Wallet address; 1A9uPK5CfbMb8FGKK564NT3FEYhPAt6Q5N

Get the Google Play Cash App for Android for cash payments
Requires Android 5.0 and up

Get the App Store Cash App for Apple for cash payments
Requires iOS 11.0 or later.with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Use my "Cash App referral code" and we both get $5.00.

Don't Doddle

Would you rather wait and think about it until you've lost-out on ten's of thousands of dollars worth of profit or have doddled-around long enough to simply and conveniently forget about it, or wouldn't you think it smarter to at least put a little bit of money into it to test it out, let's say two hundred dollars for at least a month, to see for yourself? You know what the right answer is, so do it... if you're super-serious and ready now... then call me...  there be no charges for my services.

Everything else at AldrichTechnical pt 1.

Free Services

You'll have to figure it out for yourself including setting-up your digital "checking & savings accounts." 

The exception to our "fee-based" services compensation is for AldrichTechnical referrals that deposit $2,500.00 or more into our AMFEIX investment community, $2,500.00 AMFEIX investors referred by AldrichTechnical receive free technical support. 

This "free" AldrichTechnical support is extremely valuable... AldrichTechnical expertise includes "Home Theater," "Home Network," and "Smart Home" diagnostics and configuration services.

 AldrichTechnical referred investors will receive free technical support for as long as the investor maintains a $2,500.00 AMFEIX investment balance.

Everything else at AldrichTechnical pt 2.

Compounding Multiples

Become aware of compounding multiples.

Compounding multiples is the secret of wealth building. Click on this Compounding Multiplication link when you're done with this last orientation section. Let's say you put $10,000.00 into AMFEIX and your account yields a consistent 20% profit a-month. That means that every 5 months your principle will double... right?

$10,000.00 X 5 months = $20,000.00 X 5 months = $40,000.00 X 5 months = $80,000.00 X 5 months = $160,000.00
(above would be the returns for 20 months... less than 2 years)

Don't have $10,000.00? So what... start with any amount over $200.00 then knowing that it'll double in 5 months... you'll eventually get to $10,000.00.

Here's what a minimum investment of only $200.00@20% monthly returns looks like in 24 months using compounding multiples!

(minimum AMFEIX investment is 0.02 Bitcoin (about $200.00))

  (Invest $200.00 today and retire in 2 years with a $2,600.00-a-month
income... not enough?... wait for 27 months and earn over $5,000.00-a-month income.)

(This concludes your initial orientation to AldrichTechnical services. 

AldrichTechnical disclaimer;

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