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8103 Non-Cooperative Game Theory, Spring 2018


The course covers the basic notions of Non -Cooperative Game Theory, both Normal Form and Extensive Form games.

Class teaching is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:45 to 11 am, in Hanson Hall 4-170. The Syllabus for the course is below. The Syllabus is an official description of the content of the course; so any concept in the list may be in the final exam, and in the preliminary exam for this section.  

Recitations are scheduled from 5:45 to 7:00 in Carlson School of Management,  1-136, on Thursdays. The TA for this course is Peter Pusztai, and his email is  puszt001@umn.edu



(Non-Cooperative Game Theory)

Term: Spring 2018

Number of credits:  2

Course description

The course covers the basic notions of Non cooperative Game Theory, Normal Form and Extensive Form games. These are the topics:


  1. Basic definitions of Game Theory, Decision Theory.
  2. Normal Form Games. Dominance. Iterated Elimination of Dominate Strategies.
  3. Nash Equilibrium.
  4. Bayesian Nash Games and Equilibria
  5. Zero Sum Games, Value
  6. Correlated Equilibria.
  7. Perfect Equilibria 
  8. Extensive Form Games.
  9. Games with Perfect Recall, Linear games. Kuhn’s Theorem.
  10. Subgames. Subgame Perfect Equilibria
  11. Sequential Equilibria





There is no specific textbook. References that are going to be used include:

  1. Myerson, Roger, Game Theory, MIT Press
  2. Fudenberg and Tirole, Game Theory, Harvard University Press
  3. van Damme, Stability and Perfection of Nash Equilibria, Springer Verlag. This book costs around $120, but it is worth the price. 
  4. Rubinstein and Osborne, A Course in Game Theory, MIT Press



Grades and Exams

Home-works are going to be assigned on a regular basis, and the solution discussed in class. There is going to be:

  1. One Mid-Term Exam at the beginning of the fourth week, and
  2. A Final Exam. The Final Exam may include material from the entire course.


Course activity and Homework

  • Homework 1 is now posted. It is due on Tuesday January  30
  • Homework 2 is now posted. It is due on Tuesday February 6
  • Homework 3 is now posted. It is due on Tuesday February 27
  • Final Examination
    The date of the Final Examination for this course is in the last day of class, as you can see in this, Section B, point 5. This year (as you van see here)  last day of class is Thursday March 1.
  • Midterm Examination will be on Thursday February 8