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Social Justice and merit    

One of the themes of my research is how individuals value justice (for example, the equality of opportunity and outcomes) and merit (that is, how much they and others deserve what they have).  

    I look at the individuals' attitude, not what the correct philosophical position is. For a summary, see Social Justice and Merit.

Happiness and Income

Mo money mo problems?

    Does money make you happy? Of course it does. Does more money always make you happier? Of course, again, it does. But some press reports recently have presented some recent work I have done with Eugenio Proto (University of Warwick: you can tweet him) is summarized into the following piece of wisdom:

Mo money mo problems

So I felt I had to elaborate...

See here

Rationality of Emotions

    In our research, we explain why emotions are rational. We did this for envy and regret. Here, inspired by the Godfather, we do the same for blame.