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Eugenio Proto, Andis Sofianos, Aldo Rustichini,  Intelligence, Errors and Cooperation in Repeated Interactions, forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies

Nicola Campigotto, Chiara Rapallini, Aldo Rustichini
World Scientific Encyclopedia of Global Migration, World Scientific, 2020, Editor Robert Sauer

Nicola Campigotto, Chiara Rapallini and Aldo Rustichini; School Friendship Networks, Homophily and Multiculturalism: Evidence from European Countries Journal of Population Economics, 2021, Forthcoming

Matt McGue,  Emily A. Willoughby,  Aldo Rustichini, Wendy Johnson, William G. Iacono, James J. Lee, The contribution of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills to Intergenerational Mobility, forthcoming Psychological Science, 2020

Supplementary Material 

(to The Contribution of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills to Intergenerational Mobility.)

Figure 3 of the paper presents one of the main results: genetics factors (Polygenic score) predicts mobility within the family.

Gary Charness, John List, Aldo Rustichini, Anya Samek, Jeroen Van Der Ven; Theory of Mind among Disadvantaged Children: Evidence from a Field Experimentforthcoming, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

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Amanda R. Rueter, Samantha V. Abram, Angus W. MacDonald III, Aldo Rustichini, Colin G. DeYoung, The Goal Priority Network as a Neural Substrate of Conscientiousness

Human Brain Mapping, forthcoming

Eugenio Proto, Aldo Rustichini, Andis Sofianos, 

(The copy includes the Supplementary Material)

Here is a short presentation of the results and implications of the paper. 

Aldo Rustichini, Katherine E. Conen, Xinying Cai, Camillo Padoa-Schioppa, 

Optimal coding and neuronal adaptation in economic decisions, 

Nature Communications, 2017

(The copy includes the Supplementary Material)

Gary Charness, Aldo Rustichini, Jeroen van de Ven, 

Self-confidence and Strategic Behavior

Experimental Economics, forthcoming

(The copy includes the Supplementary Material)

Chris Phelan, Aldo Rustichini

Pareto Efficiency and Identity, 

Theoretical Economics, forthcoming

Luigi Guiso, Aldo Rustichini,

What drives women out of management? The joint role of testosterone and culture

European Economic Review, forthcoming

Aldo Rustichini, William G. Iacono, Matt McGue, 

The Contribution of Skills and Family Background to Educational Mobility

Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2016, 

Aldo Rustichini, 

Morality, Policy and the Brain, 

Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming March 2018.

My most recent assessment of Neuroeconomics.

Piotr Evdokimov, Aldo Rustichini, 

Forward Induction: Thinking and Behavior, 

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 128, 195-208, 2016

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Aldo Rustichini and Camillo Padoa-Schioppa

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Journal of Neurophysiology.

Camillo Padoa-Schioppa,  and Aldo Rustichini, Rational attention and Adaptive Coding: a Puzzle and a Solution,  AER Papers and Proceedings,  forthcoming.

Proto, E. and Rustichini, A., A reassessment of the Relationship between GDP and Life Satisfaction, PLOS One, 8, 11, 2013; 

Some comments  here, here and here. The commentator at The Guardian (not this one) seems to get the point: the answer to his rhetorical question is No....

The Washington Post comments on the paper too. Since I think what we find is being misunderstood, I had to explain my view on this: see here

Maccheroni, F., Marinacci, M. Rustichini, A., Pride and Diversity in Social Economies, AEJ Micro, forthcoming

Cerreia-Vioglio, S., Maccheroni, F., Marinacci, M. Rustichini, A. Niveloids and Their Extensions: Risk Measures on Small Domains, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, forthcoming.

Gurdal, Y., Miller, J., Rustichini, A., Why Blame?,  

Journal of Political Economy, December 2013.

Find out here what this is about; you can listen to the explanation from Don Corleone here...

Rietveld, N. et al., GWAS of 126,559 Individuals Identifies Genetic Variants Associated with Educational Attainment

Science, May 2013

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Overconfidence and Social Signaling

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On the computation of optimal monotone mean–variance portfolios via truncated quadratic utility

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Self-selection and variations in the laboratory

measurement of other-regarding preferences across subject pools: evidence from one college student and two adult samples

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Equality versus self-interest in the brain: Differential roles of anterior insula and medial prefrontal cortex

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Positive interaction of social comparison and personal responsibility for outcomes

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Experience and abstract reasoning in learning backward induction 

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Medial prefrontal cortex and striatum mediate the influence of social comparison on the decision process

PNAS, September 20, 2011, 108, 38, 16044-16049

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