This Site has Not been updated for 2017, we only have the updated breeding chart available: 2017/2018 Breeding Plans

Alder*Rose Dairy Goats is a family owned herd that is comprised of LaMancha, Saanen, and most recently Alpine Dairy Goats, with the occasional recorded grade thrown in at times. We have been breeding under this herd name since 2004 and are lucky to live in the beautiful lush green Willamette Valley of Oregon. We are striving to produce animals that are sound, high producing, easy going, show winning, and that function over a long productive life. We slowly but surely are progressing our animals towards this goal and are extremely happy with our breeding programs success. Tessa Maggiulli, is the herd manager, while Debbie and Kat play a key role in the success of our animals. Since Tessa just completed her DVM in June of 2013 from Oregon State University, our last few years were fairly busy on the home front and we were not able to attend as many shows as we would like. That said we still try to get out to at least 4+ shows a year and have attended the 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012, and 2015 National Shows. We have been very fortunate to have a highly competitive show circuit to compete against, we feel that this competition has greatly shaped how our herd has turned out and are pleased to do our fair share of winning! Our animals have been on DHIR and have been linear appraised frequently since 2007. We continue to maintain a CAE negative herd and our animals are tested annually (all negative again in November 2015), as well as being CL free. We have a fair amount of knowledge and Tessa enjoys judging for ADGA as well. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Thanks for your interest in our herd.

Alder*Rose Dairy Goats

Maggiulli Family

Tessa Maggiulli, DVM

Junction City, Oregon


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