Alderney Local History
A highly personal take on Alderney's history.   Newly added as attachments - wills of Le Mesuriers 1793, 1803 and 1840. Also an article on Dan Sebire in 1890s.
A collection of data and articles written by me.  Also other items collected from various sources.
The site is very much under development.  There are many credits that are still not entered.  For example, I am aware that the hard work transcribing the 1841 census was done by someone else.  (Checking this appears to be Lorna Pratt - many thanks)
As I enter my files I realise how variable they are.  Some are from many years ago.  Many do not name sources.  I just hope they be of interest to some.
Where a page is headed 'article' this means I have written up my notes from Guernsey newspapers for a magazine.  Where it is headed 'newspapers' this is my raw notes from that year.  Some of these are from very rough written notes done at some speed.
I have very kindly been given some articles by other people who I have tried to credit.  Plus ideas from others.  Many thanks.
Under Miscellaneous - Alderney Library - books culled from Google Books.  Also under Misc a list of links of a historical nature.
I have included the Alderney census for the years 1841 through to 1911.  These can be difficult to search in the format here so if anyone would like them in Excel format please contact me at the email below
Peter Hamer