Job/Volunteer Openings

Our community needs your contribution to continue to bring you and your family quality water at reasonable rates. Aldercroft Height County Water District is in need of a new board member.

The requirements for becoming a board member are as follows:

1. Attend a board meeting to meet the current board and see what we are all about. We have had numerous residents indicate they are interested and then sadly, not even attend a board meeting.

2. Be a US Citizen and registered Voter.

3. Available to attend one board meeting per month. Board Meetings are almost always scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. and take place at the Chemeketa Clubhouse.

4. Be willing to help direct our contractors (Water Operator, Business Manager, Meter Reader & Board Secretary) on ongoing projects and join subcommittees if your schedule allows.

What’s in it for you? You can have a voice and vote. You can review and approve yearly budgets, capital improvement projects, help to secure contractors and be a part of the strategic planning and implementation of future projects. We hear so many frustrations regarding current issues and we are really looking for some people to step up and make a difference.

Application to Serve on Special District:

Once complete, please email to or mail to:


PO Box 1700

Los Gatos, CA 95033