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ALD Board

Board of Directors, USA

Dr. Toby Nelson

Sr. Chaplain, First Response Chaplains of California

Mr. Cord Crichton

Retired Electrical Engineer, CA

Dr. David Hoyle

M.D.,D.D.S. Chapel Hill, NC

Rev. Jon Gauger

Director, Special Projects, Moody Radio, Chicago, IL

Dr. Bill Rapier

Founder/Executive Director, African Leadership Development, Houses of Hope Africa

Pastor John Chinyoa

Sr. Pastor, Family Praise Fellowship, Zimbabwe

Mr. Phillip Sitobole

Managing Director, Houses of Hope Whunga, Zimbabwe

Pastor Phil Sammons

COL, (Ret) USAF, Pastoral Care, Christ's Church of the Valley, AZ

African Board of Advisors

Pastor Phillip Mogwera

Founder/Sr. Pastor, Ebenzer Bible Church, RSA

Pastor Tosomba Lekombekombe

Founder/Sr. Pastor, Embassy Church, Cape Town, RSA

Pastor Negros Manana

Founder/Sr. Pastor, Turning Point International, RSA

Pastor Edward Seleka

Sr. Pastor, Mmbatho Baptist Church, RSA