Alcoholics Anonymous Paraguay meetings in English

Asuncion meetings
The English speaking meeting in Asuncion is no longer taking place regularly on Tuesday, as most members have moved away. If you are visiting and want to meet, please e-mail Meetings usually take place at Casa Parroquial, opposite the Recoleta on Av. Mariscal Lopez and 23 de Octubre. To find it on google maps, enter Charpentier, Avenida Mariscal Francisco Solano López which is next door to the Casa Parroquial. A Spanish speaking meeting also takes place at this address every evening at 07:30 p.m. Some of the members speak some English.

Meetings are closed, so anyone in the programme or who has a problem with drinking is welcome to attend.Contact for more information.
Encarnacion meetings 
We are sorry to announce that the meeting in Encarnacion has now close. There are meetings in Posada, Argentina, which is just across the border.