Like gratitude,  which I have sometimes thought of as the topic we have when nobody can think of a topic,  is a key attitude that I need to be reminded of frequently.

As a self-supported retiree in good health and living in a place that seems like a paradise to me,  it seems obvious that there is nothing in my life or this part of the world that I can't just accept,  and I know that I am most content when I can do this.  There is nothing in this town I wish wasn't, nothing not here that I wish was, and the weather is great.

But then I find myself looking around and finding a few things wanting,  or reading the local paper which seems to be a forum for malcontents,  and the simple serenity I find in acceptance loses a bit of its shine.I'm remined of a story about an Irishman who seemed to be super critical of everything.  A drinking buddy gazed at this man in his coffin at his wake and said,"Poor Paddy! He won't like Heaven."