Integration of traditional Chinese medicine alcohol detoxification therapy
Alcohol, drug abuse, is today's most serious social hazard. It undermines the health of many people and ruined many homes.
People who drink, drug abuse, it can stimulate the brain, central nervous system in the short cells, secretion of certain neurotransmitters produced to establish a physiological response, and its dependence on generated, this is the wine produced implicit and hidden poison. Once he had alcohol and drugs hidden hidden, when not given prompt drinking, drug abuse, the immediate reaction of some physiological activities, thus demonstrating all kinds of alcohol and drug symptoms, onset of pain generated by them, and inability to control, in order to meet the drug hidden will do anything - stole Grilled take, and even murder and arson. Therefore, the drug too much harm to society, and really causes great harm has been, the State must carry out the compulsory treatment of drug addicts, the state compulsory drug policy is really Quo Fumin.
Once a person addicted to alcohol and drugs hidden hidden is extremely difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, the state mandatory drug treatment. While this is a good thing Lee Quo-Fu China, but for most, non-tenacious willpower of drug addicts is very difficult to operate. Because the drug hidden up and really attack the pain harder and harder, so let a number of drug addicts can not proceed smoothly. Of course, hidden for many addicted to alcohol detoxification liquor, the alcohol and drug treatment is really as difficult.
Integration of traditional Chinese medicine detoxification therapy experts, Wei-ping, using Chinese herbal medicine integration of detoxification for alcohol, drug, force special effect macros. For alcoholics and drug addicts taking Chinese herbal medicine integration antidote excreted in the human body accumulation of alcohol, drug addiction toxins factor, cleaning and purifying the
body's internal environment for the whole body detoxification, correcting the body's metabolic imbalance, and to restore the vitality of the brain central nervous system, thus eliminating the person's alcohol and drug hidden hidden, quit alcohol poisoning.
Yuan Weiping Fasting bigu attack disease and integration of alcohol detoxification clinics, beyond the traditional use of Chinese herbal medicine integration of detoxification methods, to alcohol, drug treatment is not painful, so that alcohol, drug abuse, such as life who, after 32 Chinese herbal medicine treatment, an immediate and powerful, immediate elimination of alcohol and drugs hidden hidden, and the majority of alcoholics and drug addicts to bring new hope to re-live! Welcome
alcoholics and drug addicts to break the routine, receive treatment, a new life!
University of Illinois researchers found that the CREB gene in alcohol-related. Mice lacking this gene consume a large amount of alcohol, and more anxiety in the maze tests.
The CREB gene produces the protein, while learning to control brain development and function. Dr. Subhash Pandey, said: This is the first discovered the lack of CREB gene with anxiety, and alcohol drinking behaviors.
When the CREB activation, can regulate the brain protein neuropeptide Y production. Previous studies have shown that, CREB activity in the low or low content of neuropeptide Y will lead to anxiety, and symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption.
This study found that only a single copy gene with the CREB mice, CREB protein, neuropeptide Y, and other substances in the brain associated with alcohol production below normal. These mice consume more alcohol than the healthy 50%, and higher anxiety behavior. Exposure to alcohol will reduce anxiety in mice, increasing the number of active CREB protein content, and tonsils (amygdala) in neuropeptide Y levels.
Pandey that the animals may reduce their anxiety by alcohol, as human behavior. Pandey said: alcoholics are 30 to 70 percent have symptoms of anxiety and worry. Drinking is their self-treatment methods. Currently an estimated 14 million Americans to problems in the drinking. Alcohol abuse costs each year about 185 billion U.S. dollars.