“Substance abuse is one of the greatest threats to the health, well-being and future of our nation's children.” 

It is important that students be informed about the risks involved with alcohol.  Knowledge is the key to prevention. 


Your task is to create a brochure that advocates against the use of alcohol.  The brochure will be created in Microsoft Publisher.  The brochure must contain the following:

Information that must be included in brochure to help advocate against the use of alcohol.

·         Cover:  title, picture, slogan, your name

·         What Alcohol Does to Your Body:  body parts (organs, etc) affected, long and short term effects

·         Consequences of Use:  moral, social, and legal consequences (specifically for underage drinking, BAC in Pennsylvania)

·         Did you know:  5 Statistics about alcohol

·         5 did you know Myth’s & 5 Facts

·         4 reasons why young people drink

·         Alcohol & Pregnancy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

·         What is alcoholism and 4 signs of alcoholism






Alcohol Brochure Rubric

Advocating Against the Use of Alcohol





No Content is Present:

0 Points

Minimal Content is Present:

5 Points

Most Content is Present:

7 Points

Maximum Content is Present:

10 Points

Cover  =                               title, picture, slogan, your name





Effects on the Body =      body parts (organs) affected, short and long-term effects





Consequences  =             moral, social, Legal BAC in Pennsylvania





Did You Know Statistics  =   5 statistics about alcohol





Myths and Facts =                  5 myths and 5 facts





Reasons why young people drink =                                       4 reasons





Alcohol & Pregnancy = dangers of it, what is FAS





Alcoholism  =                     what it is known as, 4 signs of alcoholism





                                                                                     TOTAL =                          out of 80