AlcoBrony was formally founded in September of 2011 by Carrie, Fooch, Tim and Kitsune based around the mutual enjoyment of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series that airs on the HUB Network. It was created in part that all of them drink socially, but also had a love for all things geek. Whether that be music, anime, My Little Pony (in any of it's iterations), movies, cars, pop culture or anything else in between. It quickly turned into a much larger community encompassing many regulars which come from all walks of life and all over the globe. To say that AlcoBrony is just limited to My Little Pony fans would be false, but it is something that nearly every regular that shows up for the weekly Google+ Hangouts does share in common.

AlcoBrony is predominantly a Google+ phenomenon due to the popularity of the hangouts held each week via the service. At this time that is the main way to find out what is going on, but a recent push to include other social networking sites has been made. This allows for AlcoBrony to be followed a bit more easily for people. However, Google+ will always remain the focal point as that is where most of the information such as hangout announcements and wrap ups are posted. Places such as Twitter and Facebook, even this site, will be used for other purposes such as event announcements and a way for people to find out more about what we do.

Currently AlcoBrony is working on doing panels at cons that revolve around My Little Pony as well as our own special brand of Con Suite Party events at various conventions. These events are mainly centered in the Ohio Valley and Tennessee regions, but it's not unheard of for members to travel as far as Atlanta for Dragon*Con or other similarly large conventions.

As it stands now the main members of AlcoBrony are: Carrie, Kitsune, Gregg and Tim. They make up the core of AlcoBrony and manage it's presence at conventions and the various web outlets that represent AlcoBrony; such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.